Sock Woman

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Sock Woman!

She hides in the most unlikely of places, amongst the detritus of a University student.

She only comes out in the wee hours of the night, when the roommates are asleep and reruns of the Bachelor are on.

No one knows if she is real, or if she is just a midterm-crazed student with a bad case of “just one more row” syndrome.

The doings of Sock Woman

Last night she paid a visit to the third house on the left. She left the evidence of her progress strewn among genetics assignments and grocery lists.

She finished the heel flap. Turned the heel. Most of the gusset.

Only you can guess when and where Sock Woman will strike again.

The Multiple Uses of Knitting Needles

Things I have learned about knitting in the past year:

1. If you tell your boyfriend you knit, he’s going to want a pair of socks. Ensure that you explain the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater so that he doesn’t ask for a sweater.

2. Knitting needles double as head scratchers, cat toys, and pointers.

3. Knitting while attempting to cuddle with another person is exceedingly difficult. I have become a pro.

4. Taking up the entire couch with a pattern, various needles, and balls of yarn, is unacceptable when living in a house of 5.

5. Put away all yarn bits when you have a cat.

6. Having scissors stashed in multiple locations is a good idea. You can never find them when you need them.

7. Printing multiple patterns and leaving them around the house doesn’t make the knitting go faster.

8. The bag of yarn that your mother bought 3 years ago in a fit of nostalgia is off limits. You can, however, retrieve the needles that she’s hoarding, as long as there is nothing on them yet.

9. Do not bring knitting on long car rides if you have the horse with you. Your knitting will end up smelling like horse by the end of the trip.

10. Car attendants at the airport parking service tend to leave knitting alone as long as it is well hidden. No missing needles were reported.

11. No matter how much you prod your mother to show you how to use the sewing machine, the needles rolls aren’t going to get done unless you sit there and figure it out yourself.

A note from the socks

Today we have a guest post, in the form of a letter, from the Zoomobile socks. It’s addressed to me, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it none-the-less.

Dear travellingsock,

After a long dry spell, in which the first of our pair was trapped inside the knitting bag, we’re pleased that you’ve finally been working on us. We’re glad that the weather was nice this weekend and you took us outside to work on… You’re deck is lovely. Even though our yarn fell onto the bricks and got moss on it, we forgive you. Feeling the fresh air was worth it.

Watching the Calgary Stampede with you last night was also wonderful. When you got out the beer, we were a little concerned; seriously, knitting a heel flap while drinking? Not your strong suit. Still, you managed to finish more than half of the heel flap, so we’re very pleased. Sock #2 is coming along nicely.

We would appreciated it if you used a row counter once and a while though. We don’t appreciate being poked and prodded while you try to count out what you have and have not finished. It hinders your progress, and we’ve seen you looking longingly at the stash… We would like to be finished as soon as possible, lest you start something else before we’re done. You are prone to that; you have fickle fingers.

We would also appreciate some photographs. We had to endure the teasing as you photographed the Sampler Texture Socks over and over. We feel unloved. Do you not want to share our beauty with your blog readers? We know you’ve been promising them pictures for days, so get usĀ  outside and take some pictures!

We do love the effort you’ve been putting in on us lately though. Giving up your reading time for knitting really means a lot to us. We’re glad you’re so committed to us. We can’t wait to warm your toes this fall.

With love,

The Zoomobiles