The Countdown

It’s true… The countdown is on. I’ll be done my last shift in about three hours, then it’s off to town to pick up some stuff I need for school. It’s going to be a busy few days.

Good thing I’ve got one WIP out of the way and photographed, though I’ve decided that it’s going to my mom, since I’m not really into wearing ruffled scarves.

The finished product!

There it is! I actually loved making it, I just wouldn’t wear it. It looks good tucked into a coat and all, but I am just not a ruffle person! Still, I loved making it and will definitely be making more.

A closeup

I can’t resist taking pictures of it either… The yarn is just so cool! It even has some metallic threads running through it.

With all of my running around, I’ll be throwing one of my little socks into the bag with me, in hopes that I can get one done before I move. I’ve got about 4 hours in the car tomorrow… I think I can get something done.

The sweater is on to row 14 and looking stunning so far. I can’t wait for it to all be done (although button holes and sewing things together scares me)!

Without further ado, let me introduce to you, Paton’s Shetland Chunky in “Soft Teal”…


I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post this weekend, so I’ll have to leave you with this: next time, I promise that I will have noticeable progress on one of the WIPs to report!


WIP me into shape

WIP it, WIP it good. (WIP = Work In Progress, for the uninitiated).

My number of WIPs has now been reduced to three. The scarf is done. Alas, no photos, but that’s what happens when you have to literally run out the door in order to be on time for your second last day of work.

The sweater is now at 10 rows of ribbing. Both pairs of socks remain in the same position they have been in for the past two weeks.

Car trip this weekend to drop stuff off at my school house? Check. Sunday off? Check. Friday afternoon off? Check. Monday off? Check. Drive to/move in on Tuesday? Check.

Sounds like some excellent WIP time. I keep looking at the socks, but I just can’t wrap my head around them at the moment… I’m in sweater mode. I love the long rows, the bulky, smooth yarn…

I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you, and address another topic. Etsy. I’ve been thinking about opening up a shop on there for some time. I’m not totally comfortable with giving them my credit card information, but that’s minor, compared to my other issues. Will people buy my stuff? Will I get overwhelmed by demand? Is my stuff even creative enough to compete?

I’m not really a high production knitter (obviously) and at the moment my knitting fulfills all of my own personal needs. I’m not sure if I could supply enough stuff to create a shop.

I already have about 10 baby hats waiting in the wings to go somewhere. Initially, I had planned on donating them, but I always worry about people actually wanting it, or taking it because it’s there. I want my knitted items to be wanted, loved, and used. That’s the whole reason I make them.

Still though, a shop on Etsy seems like a huge commitment… Thoughts? Does anyone else have an Etsy shop? What’s it like?


The most shocking and unexpected thing happened to me last night…

I couldn’t decide which project to work on. Clearly, this demonstrates the fact that I have way too many projects on the needles. I sat last night, and considered each of my four projects, and simply couldn’t choose which one I should work on.

The Fuzzballs are simple stockinette, boring but also annoying due to all of the fibres. I find that they tend to shed all over my clothing as well, and I was still wearing my work clothes.

The Hat Heel Socks are also boring old stockinette. I haven’t measured the recipient’s foot, so I’m not sure how much longer I need to make them.

The scarf is totally addicting, but not so good to work on while you’re trying to do other things. It knits up quickly and is close to being done, but the concentration aspect of it doesn’t make it good for knitting in the dark.

The sweater is now 6 rows in, but each row seems to take so long to finish! Having 87 stitches in a row may not be a struggle for some, but when you’re used to doing simple old socks, it’s a bigger deal. Also, knit one purl one involves some iota of concentration, so I can’t carry on a conversation and continue knitting without looking down.

I finally decided to knit on the scarf for an hour and the sweater for an hour. I just can’t believe that I had to decide!

What is this blurry mess?

However, when you’re late for work it’s not hard to choose; grab the first thing you see. This mess of colour is in my bag, ready for break. It’s my third last day of work, and one of my last chances to knit on break. Who knows… Maybe this will mean that a finished object post is on the way!

Just a nibble

Just a little taste, a nibble if you will, of things to come.

If you’ve been looking at my 101 Things page recently, you will have noticed that I’m now up to 33/101 things completed. Today saw the completion of two things – my G class driver’s licence, and cast on for a sweater.

I know that the knitters among you are far more interested in the sweater, but I should just mention (since someone will ask) that Ontario has the graduated licensing system, meaning that there are 3 different classes of licence. G is the highest, and that’s what I got today.

Oh, the knitting? You want to hear about that? I have no photos today, but I’m sure some will be coming along shortly. The sweater is cast on and I have one round finished. It looks so simple, sitting there on the needles… Until you notice the mismatched stitch markers that I made when I was twelve, and the dollar store row counter and needle tip covers. I informed my mother that she could get me some nice stitch markers from Etsy for Christmas, but she went on a rant about how she had to make due with spare yarn as stitch markers. I think I’m going to have to start sending her photos. Then maybe she will understand.

So I cast on my 87 stitches and did the first row of k1p1 rib. I have to do that for 21 rows, which is nice and monotonous for watching television. The rows are pretty long though, so once it gets a little bigger it won’t be as portable.

Good thing I now have FOUR projects on the needles, so I always have something to take along with me. Something must be finished before I move back to school. I’m sure the scarf will be… It’s extremely addicting to knit. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having at least one of a pair of socks done before I get to school. Hmm…. I’m going to have to start making some choices.

Speaking of moving, the day is fast approaching. I’m taking a bunch of stuff down on September 1st, and then permanently moving in on September 4th. This is my last week of work (thank goodness) and I’ll be done on Friday.

It feels like I have a million things to do before school starts, but I can’t complain. I like to be busy. I’m picturing a couple of days before I move though, lounging at home with the sweater-in-progress. It’s supposed to be rainy too, which is perfect for making a cup of tea and knitting.

That sounds like the perfect thing to do after work.

Meant to be

I’m beginning to wonder if this sweater is meant to be.

After a long shopping session on Saturday, I finally picked out my yarn and bought 15 skeins of it. I shared photos yesterday. So, I started to work on my gauge. I didn’t get the recommended gauge, of course (because really, who does?).

I went to look for bigger needles. Did I have the next size up? Of course not. That would be too simple. So I decided to try to get gauge with two needle sizes up.

I was still half an inch off, and it was beginning to look like lace, since the needles were way too big for the yarn. Clearly I needed to get some thicker yarn.

So, off I went to the yarn store, bulging bag of yarn in tow. I walked up to the store, to find the door locked. Lovely. This yarn wasn’t meant to be.

This morning it was raining, so I didn’t get to ride the horses. Instead, I got ready for work early and went to the yarn store beforehand. I got the old yarn returned, and went to look for some different stuff. I found a colour I liked, but do you think they had enough? Of course not. But, after some careful sleuthing, we found enough in the same die lot!

The replacement yarn is Paton’s Shetland Chunky in Soft Teal. I’m excited to start on it. I’m really hoping that I can use my size 8’s, because they are the only wooden needles I own, and I’m rather fond of the wooden needles for chunkier stuff.

One of these days I will actually cast on for this silly sweater.


You would think, on a student budget, I would have learned by now how to control my debit card. Apparently not.

Yesterday, I visited the yarn store. They have moved to a new location, and I haven’t really talked to the owners much before. They turned out to be really nice and extra helpful. I explained that I wanted to knit a sweater, but I didn’t have the pattern with me. Sure enough, the owner pulled it up online, then ran around the store and pulled every blue or purple yarn that she had in stock. Eventually, I picked a nice blue one, and she got me 15 skeins of it. FIFTEEN SKEINS.

I have never bought that much yarn in my life. I actually left the store with 17 skeins, because I bought two skeins for scarves. She gave me a good deal, thank god, but I still can’t believe that it happened. She also said I could come back anytime for help if I needed it. This is why I love small towns, independent small businesses, and knitters. They make the yarn shopping experience so much better.

Since you’re wondering, the pattern I’m going to be knitting is Victoria. It seems like a pretty good first sweater project.

Here’s the yarn… It’s called Click, and the colour doesn’t have a name.

A better shot of the colour.

I’m excited to start knitting it… I need to do a little measuring and some gauge, and I should be good.

I also got some cool scarf yarn. I only photographed one of the skeins (the other is pink, for my best friend for Christmas), but this is seriously the coolest stuff ever.

The scarf

This is the yarn for the scarf, when you unfold it. It’s tricky to knit, but really cool! The brand is just the house brand for the store, so you can’t get this exact stuff anywhere else.

A closeup of the scarf

I love it.

Oh yeah… All of the other WIPs I currently have on the needles.

I’m a knitting machine lately.

The Multiple Uses of Knitting Needles

Things I have learned about knitting in the past year:

1. If you tell your boyfriend you knit, he’s going to want a pair of socks. Ensure that you explain the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater so that he doesn’t ask for a sweater.

2. Knitting needles double as head scratchers, cat toys, and pointers.

3. Knitting while attempting to cuddle with another person is exceedingly difficult. I have become a pro.

4. Taking up the entire couch with a pattern, various needles, and balls of yarn, is unacceptable when living in a house of 5.

5. Put away all yarn bits when you have a cat.

6. Having scissors stashed in multiple locations is a good idea. You can never find them when you need them.

7. Printing multiple patterns and leaving them around the house doesn’t make the knitting go faster.

8. The bag of yarn that your mother bought 3 years ago in a fit of nostalgia is off limits. You can, however, retrieve the needles that she’s hoarding, as long as there is nothing on them yet.

9. Do not bring knitting on long car rides if you have the horse with you. Your knitting will end up smelling like horse by the end of the trip.

10. Car attendants at the airport parking service tend to leave knitting alone as long as it is well hidden. No missing needles were reported.

11. No matter how much you prod your mother to show you how to use the sewing machine, the needles rolls aren’t going to get done unless you sit there and figure it out yourself.