Smile on me sunshine

What’s not to be happy about today? It’s Friday and the sun is shining, and I finally have the entire weekend off! Last night I received another BookCrossing package in the mail. This one contained another book on my To-Read list, and… YARN! I was shocked. It’s very cool, a multi-coloured elastic type worsted weight. I can’t wait to get to knitting it, though I don’t know what I’m going to make with it.

This will be my last post for a couple of days, since I’ll be away all weekend at my show. I haven’t talked about my horse much lately, which is fairly surprising. I’ve been really focussed on her, and we’ve been doing a lot better. She tries really hard and her training is progressing well. My biggest fear is the jumps, and that’s all in my head. My horse is amazing, she could jump four and a half feet easily. I, on the other hand, couldn’t. My fear is completely a mental issue, but I’m working on it. This weekend I’m not going to win, I’m going to train. I’ve convinced myself that I’m excited to be able to jump a new course with new jumps.

I’m starting to get really excited, even though it means late nights and early mornings, and crashing in a tent. When I return I’ll have photos, results, and a sense of achievement. Then it will be on to the next hurdle; my half marathon. T-minus 1 week!

I love having goals that I get to achieve. Makes me feel a sense of purpose in life.

Enough of my ramblings. I’ll be back in a few days, and you can expect a thoroughly disorganized, photo-heavy blog post!


With Happiness

I wasn’t sure what to write about today, hence the late posting. It didn’t come to me until just now, in the form of an email. I often talk about BookCrossing, and the Summer Gift Giving program, where you publish a wishlist and people attempt to fulfill your wishes. Mine is just for books, yarn, and labels for books & such.

Last night, in the mail, I received a package with a book, some bookmarks, and some labels, as well as a nice postcard. It was such a nice surprise! Then, today I received an email from the UK. I had mailed a package over a month ago for someone there, and I was convinced that it had been lost in the mail. Luckily, the recipient got the package today! She said it brought a huge smile to her face; it was filled with scrapbooking supplies. When I was younger, I was very into the scrapbooking craze, but as time goes on, I find that I am more focused on knitting, riding, school, and the like. I’m so glad that I managed to bring a smile to her face. She posted a picture of all of the goodies, and I had quite forgotten how much stuff I had managed to stuff into the package!

The Zoomobiles now have the gussets done; lots of progress! Photos to come soon!

With Difficulty

It seems that everything I have done in the past 24 hours has been difficult. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve achieved some great things in the past day. Still though, everything seems  like it takes twice the effort it usually does. Even typing this blog post; I have to wait for ten minutes for all the words to appear, letter by letter. I really should start using my own computer instead of the ones at work.

Last night, after work, I went for a run with my boyfriend down by the beach. We ran 15 km, and it took us two hours. For those of you who run, you know that this time is awful! I’m not sure if it was the waiting in line at McDonald’s for a glass of water, or the deciding which way to run, but this is a totally ridiculous time for the distance we ran. Regardless, we did it. I think my lack of focus is what made me so slow. When I run my half marathon on July 29, I’m going to have to be a lot more focused if I want to finish it in a reasonable time. I don’t want it to take all day!

This morning I had a riding lesson. My horse wasn’t performing well for the first 45 minutes; everything was difficult. She wasn’t listening to me, and she was jumping awkwardly, hitting poles and everything. Finally, by the end of the lesson, after some hard work, she was jumping great! Still, it wasn’t without difficulty.

Next up: yarn store. I went quickly before work. I wanted to get some green yarn for socks for my boyfriend, as well as some “manly” colours for my Dad and brother. They had a few “manly” colours, but no green. The cashier even got out the catalogues to see if she could order in some dark green – they don’t manufacture it! What?? So, I walked out with nothing. NOTHING. FROM A YARN STORE.

The only thing that isn’t difficult is the actual knitting. The socks are progressing nicely. Tonight I’ll work on them some more, and hopefully be at the heel by the end of the weekend. My next project is just a little one: bookmarks. Do you remember when I blogged about Bookcrossing? If you don’t, it’s a website  who’s mantra is “the whole world is a library”. A group of “Bookcrossers” created something called SGG – Summer Gift Giving.  SGG is great; you post a wishlist of everything you want, and if you’re lucky, someone will send you something from the list. I noticed that a lot of people wanted bookmarks, so I thought  “what a good way to knit something!”. So I’m going to knit bookmarks. I have a few good ideas, but I don’t want to spoil anything yet by giving it away.

Inevitably, I won’t have the right yarn… Difficulty at its finest.


Briefly, my weekend in a list:

1. Finished one of the Sampler Texture Socks, and on to the next one. Pictures to come!

2. Definitely didn’t make it to my horse show this weekend. It was cold and rainy, so my mom and I went shopping to pick me up some new riding boots (very necessary)!

3. Picked up the mail today and I received a BookCrossing book in the mail from the UK! For those of you that don’t know, BookCrossing is a website dedicated to the sharing of books. You give your book a number, and either wild release it (leave it somewhere for someone to find) or controlled release it (send it off to someone specific). Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I’ve been doing controlled releases, and finally got a book I’ve been waiting for! If you haven’t already been, visit this link to check it out!

4. I’ve been working on writing a book, and man, is it tough. I mean, I have a bazillion ideas, but none of them seem to come easily to the page. I get 5-10 pages in, then I get distracted. Perseverance is necessary.

That’s all I can say for now, I’ll update with photos of the socks tomorrow!