A List

It’s Monday, and I’m already resorting to lists. School does that to my brain.

1. Let’s see… I made homemade hot chocolate tonight with milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, and cinnamon. It was good stuff.

2. It’s October first! That means fall!

3. My boyfriend and I had a mini Harry Potter movie marathon last night at my place, which means I was reunited with the knitting.

4. There was sweater progress. Unfortunately, it looks exactly the same as the last time I took a photo of it, just slightly longer. It’s not photo worthy yet.

5. Today was the beginning of riding lessons for the team here at my University. It was nice to be back in the saddle after a month away.

6. Though it was nice, I got put on one of the crazy horses who did everything in her power to get me off of her.

7. I still had fun. I’m like that. As long as I’m on a horse, I’m happy (no matter how scared I am inside).

8. I have a few more bits of homework to do tonight, but I can’t wait to be done so I can sit and knit.

9. I’m torn between quick progress on the socks, or progress towards a very coveted handknit sweater…

10. Eating popcorn and knitting is nearly impossible. The difficulties of a University student.

Wednesdays are for lists

1. Wednesdays are my favourite class days, because I have my favourite classes: Molecular Biology & Genetics, Horse Management Science, and Animal Production Systems, Health & Industry. (I know that last one is a bit of a mouthful).

2. On Wednesdays I also have a lab for my Animal Production Systems, Health & Industry class.

3. Today we visited a dairy barn. It was amusing to see all of the reactions of the city kids to the cows, amazing to see the size of the facility, but most of all, just nice to be outside in a farm environment.

4. I am becoming a chef, I swear! Tonight I made broccoli, rice, and cheddar casserole. I could have put more cheese in it, but I can’t justify putting $4 worth of cheese into a tiny casserole that’s only big enough to fill a loaf pan. (Even if it will feed me for 3 days).

Taken with my phone & half-eaten… But this is my creation of the evening!

5. I am within three rows of finishing the heel for the hat-heel socks. Yes, that means I studied a lot.

6. I’m not even close to being ready for my quiz next week.

7. I go from my favourite day of the week to my least favourite… Tomorrow I have my first of 5 physics labs, which are something I hate above all other school related things (except chemistry exams… They are the worst). This time tomorrow, I’ll just be finishing Biochemistry class, with 1/5 physics labs under my belt.


It’s Monday. It’s a list.

1. My job is so incredibly boring that I am practically dying as I sit here. I have exactly 9 shifts left (not including the one I’m doing right now) and the end of it can’t come fast enough. Even though that means no more paycheck.

2. I had yesterday off (thankfully) and I think I knit about 20 rows total. I did read half of a 500+ page book though.

3. I have 27/101 things done on the list. What is going on here.

4. My stats page looks like the Sahara Desert. No one wants to come and read about my slow knitting progress anymore, I suppose. Give it two weeks until I’m back at school and then I will be a lot more interesting.

5. It’s starting to feel like fall outside. This makes me insanely excited. I just want to drink tea and knit things.

6. I think I’m addicted to Twitter.

7. Even though it’s sunny outside at the moment, I still just want to lay on the couch.

8. Is it irresponsible to start dreaming about Christmas yet?

9. People who have kittens make me insanely jealous. I want one, but I know that it’s a bad idea. My house for school is pet friendly, but… My parents are dead against it as well. Hmm…

10. There really isn’t a #10. I just wanted to make a nicely rounded out list.

There you have it…. A disorganized and random list of my thoughts. I’ll be back when I can come up with something interesting to write about.