That Certain Shade of Yellow

Today was one of those perfect fall days. I was walking to school, admiring the leaves, when I realized that I needed some mittens. Not thick winter mittens, but some fussy fall mittens. I have a number of patterns picked out already, I just need yarn…

And some self-control. I have to stick with the plan on all of this Christmas knitting. I’ve been working away on my Dad’s socks, and I’ve realized that I would like to make him another pair, with plainer yarn and a little more of a fancy pattern. Just to add something else to the list… However, they are staying at the bottom, and I’m only making them if I decide that I have enough time!

So what about this post is yellow?

Well, there’s the mustard shade in my Dad’s socks…

Dad’s socks

There’s also the colour of the leaves today…

This was actually last year on campus, but it looks the same today

There’s the sunset that I can’t wait to see this weekend…

The sunset from the farm… Hopefully it won’t be too cloudy for this

There’s the colour of my cat’s eyes, in photos that I found on my computer…

I realize that this is black and white so you can’t see the colours, but you know what I mean.

And then there’s something else. Something that isn’t yellow at all. This something is purple. It’s called Rett Syndrome. My sister has it, and it Awareness month. There’s a great blog that I read called Grace for Rett about a young girl in the UK who also has it. Her mom is a photographer, and she’s amazing.

Read it. Learn.

I’m sure tomorrow will be another yellow day.

But I’m secretly hoping that it will be purple.


It’s Monday. It’s a list.

1. My job is so incredibly boring that I am practically dying as I sit here. I have exactly 9 shifts left (not including the one I’m doing right now) and the end of it can’t come fast enough. Even though that means no more paycheck.

2. I had yesterday off (thankfully) and I think I knit about 20 rows total. I did read half of a 500+ page book though.

3. I have 27/101 things done on the list. What is going on here.

4. My stats page looks like the Sahara Desert. No one wants to come and read about my slow knitting progress anymore, I suppose. Give it two weeks until I’m back at school and then I will be a lot more interesting.

5. It’s starting to feel like fall outside. This makes me insanely excited. I just want to drink tea and knit things.

6. I think I’m addicted to Twitter.

7. Even though it’s sunny outside at the moment, I still just want to lay on the couch.

8. Is it irresponsible to start dreaming about Christmas yet?

9. People who have kittens make me insanely jealous. I want one, but I know that it’s a bad idea. My house for school is pet friendly, but… My parents are dead against it as well. Hmm…

10. There really isn’t a #10. I just wanted to make a nicely rounded out list.

There you have it…. A disorganized and random list of my thoughts. I’ll be back when I can come up with something interesting to write about.


I can’t think of a good title for this post, hence the boring one “Rain”. I’m not really in the blogging mood at the moment… My cat has been struggling with illness for the past week. She’s young, only three, and we’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with her. My dad (a vet) thinks that she’s been poisoned somehow; eating a bad mouse or something.

Regardless, she’s been suffering for a week now. We’ve tried many different things, and Dad has been giving her fluid and  penicillin to keep her happy. She hasn’t shown any signs of improving and she isn’t eating or drinking.

She’s still her usual happy self though. She perks up whenever we come to pat her, and she’s always purring. She’s been wandering around the house, going from place to place. This morning I found her in the sink. You can tell from the picture that she doesn’t look too good, but seeing her curled up in the sink was too funny to resist.

In other news, we have a list. My heart’s not in it today, so it’ll be brief.

1. It rained. A lot. Finally. Yay!

2. I drove home last night after midnight in a lightning storm. It was simultaneously the most beautiful and terrifying thing ever.

3. I have a new page called 101 things. It’s a random list of 101 (+ a few) things that I want to do before 2013. I’ll cross them off as I go and probably post on the blog about them. It’s a way to live more purposefully, so the days don’t all slide by in a blur. Check it out, make your own, tell me in the comments what’s on your list.

Rest in Peace my Jinx. I love you. I’m really hoping that I get to write a post tomorrow about how she’s actually going to make it.

Update: After working a little more on my 101 Things List, I’m feeling a little better. #33, Kiss in the rain, was completed last night. Today, I just completed #97, Comment positively on six different blogs in one day. The blogs were as follows:

Loosing 100 Lbs
Canadian Equestrian Team Blog
Whole Larder Love
Love and a Six-Foot Leash
Invisible Ink – a Freshly Pressed Blog, on a post called Writing the Unseen
Year on a Whim – another Freshly Pressed blog

I’m going to keep going!

De-stashing the stash

The other day, I de-stashed the Stash. I don’t think de-stashed is a verb. Or a word for that matter, but I digress. It gets the point across; I took apart the stash. I photographed some of it, as you will see in a few moments. I didn’t photograph everything (there would be too much) but definitely some. Why would I do such a thing? In preparation for today, for this exact post. This is a BIG BAD PHOTO POST. Haven’t had one in a while, so I figured that I might as well wow you with lots of pictures.

First up: The Zoomobiles. It’s been a while, but here they are:


The heel flap remains half finished, but tonight I’m going to be working on them. It’s the hottest day of the year so far (and I’m at work with no air conditioning again) so I’ll be relaxing with a cold beer when I’m finished work.

They’re looking pretty good so far; I love how the stripes ended up on the heel flap.

Next: I have the coolest hair today.

This was taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn’t great. I’m not usually very adventurous with my hair, so I’m very proud of this style! I french braided it to the side, then flipped the braid over itself in a kind of knot. Then pinned the whole thing!

Now, this next photo may be confusing until you read the text.

 That’s right – if you read closely, it states “make the heel with the Eye of Partridge pattern”. Kill me now. How lovely. Not only is this new pattern toe up, it’s got my favourite heel flap pattern, Eye of Partridge. I’ll reveal the pattern a little later, when I actually start knitting it… But for now, you’ll have to wait and wonder why I’m putting myself through this torture.




And that right there, is a whole lotta stash. The bottom picture is my newest addition – manly sock yarn. See the green! I’m so proud. I figured that all were suitable manly. The rest of that stash I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I know I’ve got to do something quickly, because it doesn’t fit in the bins and I don’t know how I’m going to transport it to school with me. I like having a stash problem – it means I’ve usually got too much yarn.


Why the photos of my cat? Simply because they are too cute, and I’m planning to make labels for my books with those particular pictures. I couldn’t resist sharing… Who knew that my yarn-wrecker cat could be so cute?

There you have it: a big, bad, disorganized photo post. I’ll try to be more coherent next time… No promises though.

What a morning

Wow. What a crazy morning I’ve had so far.

Let’s see… I got up and went to ride both horses first thing. As I was setting up my jumps, I got distracted by my cat, who was chasing a chipmunk. She had it cornered in the barn, so I helped her get it out, but it still managed to get away. I spent a good ten minutes laughing at her running every which way though!

I rode my pony Felix, who was very well behaved for once. Then I hopped on Domino and one of my old riding teachers came over to help me out. I haven’t seen her in about 4 years, and she hasn’t given me lessons since I was 12 (that’s 7 years ago now). It was great to see her and get some feedback and help with my riding. It ended up being a huge sports psychology lesson!

I think I should start a horse blog, I have so much to say about them. Just wait until winter, when all I want to do is knit, knit, and knit (after I come in from riding in the cold, that is).

I’ve made a little more progress on the SIPs but that chart seems to be going awfully slowly. Its 70 rows… I think I’m on about row 25 now. I have a long car trip this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll get lots of it done.

I do have some photos of another little project I can’t wait to tackle. I’m going to make tube socks out of this yarn.

I’m not usually one for novelty yarns. In fact, I hate them. My very first “real” knitting project was this scarf made out of some strange eyelash stuff that was all the rage that year. Let me tell you, as a beginning knitter, there is no easier way to cover up dropped stitches, but boy was that scarf heavy.

This stuff is the softest, nicest yarn you will ever feel though, so I am willing to knit with it this time. The plan is to make plain old tube socks. My sister is disabled and she doesn’t walk much or wear shoes much, so its perfect for her tender little toes. She’s also got tiny feet, so I figured on a skein per foot!

Don’t ask what the yarn is, I found it when I was doing the stash reorganization. Its been in there for years; it smells like the bar of soap my mom threw in the bin years ago to make my yarn smell nice.

Here’s me feeling artsy with my camera: