Milkshakes and Movies

Tonight, my boyfriend surprised me by coming over after my class. We made berry milkshakes, and will be watching movies (I assume). We’re both working on homework at the moment (well, I’m blogging, but you know).

There will be knitting.

But, tonight is not the focus of this post. I promised you that I would post photos today, and though it is nearing 9 pm, those photos will be posted!

A closeup of the finished hat heel socks

Another shot of the finished Hat Heel Socks

There they are: the Hat Heel Socks, and a gift to my mother. They now top the charts as my favourite sock pattern to date. (Pattern:Hat Heel Socks by Kathleen Sperling; Yarn:Paton’s Kroy Sock, Colour #55129 Aqua Fleck)

The Fuzzballs! They still need the ends weaving in, but I’ll get to that soon enough.

A closeup of the Fuzzballs. I love how the confetti bits ended up creating vertical lines on one of the socks.

The Fuzzballs were another great success. They were super quick, but I’m not sure if I will ever knit with that yarn again. The fuzzy bits are now all over my house and my clothing. (Pattern: my own; Yarn: Paton’s Carmen (Discontinued) in colour #07434 Rose).

My night tonight – socks, the boyfriend, and milkshakes.

My latest project: socks for my dad for Christmas. The pattern is Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and the yarn is Nova Value Collection Sock Print in colour #405 Earth Tones. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have enough yarn… It might be a close one.

Now, back to my milkshakes and my movies. I’ll have more progress in the morning.

Sunday Afternoon Tea

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m back in the writing game. I hope you all enjoyed my photo-a-day posts… They helped me to accomplish two things on the 101 things list. I’m now at 50/101!

The week was busy with homework and studying, but I managed to get some quality knitting time in. Unfortunately, I missed my 1 week deadline with the knitting of the Hat-Heel socks, but I guess that’s something I will manage to finish with another pair.

You got to see lots of progress on the Hat-Heel Socks throughout the week, and they are now finished! It’s definitely one of my favourite patterns to date, and it’s on the list of things I’m going to make for myself once all of the Christmas knitting is finally done.

This weekend was also Homecoming for my University. I had a ton of fun and got to display some school spirit, which was nice. It seemed as if nothing went right; people were late, parties were shut down, the bars all had hugely long line ups, our pizza delivery took three hours, and we had a forty five minute walk home in the freezing cold… Still, it was definitely a great day! I’m not sure how a day with so many negatives can actually turn out to be the most fun I’ve had all year.

Next stop, the Fuzzballs. As you may have noticed, I have shown zero progress towards ripping them back and starting over, but it’s finally done! At last, I’ve restarted these socks, and they haven’t taken long at all, so far. I think they will be a quick knit… But then I’ll have to start yet another pair of the Christmas socks, and I’m definitely at a stand-still on that one. I don’t know what I’m going to want to work on next.

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

The Countdown

It’s true… The countdown is on. I’ll be done my last shift in about three hours, then it’s off to town to pick up some stuff I need for school. It’s going to be a busy few days.

Good thing I’ve got one WIP out of the way and photographed, though I’ve decided that it’s going to my mom, since I’m not really into wearing ruffled scarves.

The finished product!

There it is! I actually loved making it, I just wouldn’t wear it. It looks good tucked into a coat and all, but I am just not a ruffle person! Still, I loved making it and will definitely be making more.

A closeup

I can’t resist taking pictures of it either… The yarn is just so cool! It even has some metallic threads running through it.

With all of my running around, I’ll be throwing one of my little socks into the bag with me, in hopes that I can get one done before I move. I’ve got about 4 hours in the car tomorrow… I think I can get something done.

The sweater is on to row 14 and looking stunning so far. I can’t wait for it to all be done (although button holes and sewing things together scares me)!

Without further ado, let me introduce to you, Paton’s Shetland Chunky in “Soft Teal”…


I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post this weekend, so I’ll have to leave you with this: next time, I promise that I will have noticeable progress on one of the WIPs to report!



Today’s post is about #54. On my list of 101 things, #54 reads: Knit a really scary pattern.

This is what I’m working on right now. I started the Hat Heel Socks on Saturday afternoon. It’s the strangest construction of a sock that you’ve ever seen… You knit a little hat for the heel, then two gussets (like ear flaps for the hat) then the foot, then the cuff. Go look. You’ll be shocked.

Anyway. I had to learn how to do the magic toe up cast on for these socks. I did it! I was so excited. I did the heel “hat” and the two gussets by Sunday night. I then proceeded to try it on, and…. It was too small. I was so upset. So, I ripped it out and started over, this time a size up.

These socks are going to be a gift for someone, so I want them to look perfect. I feel as if I will be ripping them out again. Regardless, I haven’t made much progress with this new size yet. You’ll see:

Some blurry progress of #54, knit a scary pattern.

It’s just a tiny little nub, so far.

The blurry Nub that is the Hat-Heel Socks.

My camera didn’t focus in for this picture very well, but you can see that the socks are just a nub so far. After more Olympic viewing this evening, they will be much larger!

That wasn’t all that happened this weekend. I’ll show you what happens when you have two days off and non-stop Olympics.

This is what my coffee table looks like after a weekend with two days off and non-stop Olympics.

It isn’t a pretty sight, but it means that knitting was accomplished. Even needle rolls have moved on from the planning stage… I now have fabric!

Those pink blobs that you see there? Those are what I have dubbed “The Fuzzballs”. Remember those tube socks I was going to make for my sister, out of that crazy soft yarn? Well, I’ve started. Just a little ribbed cuff at the top and then straight stockinette from there on out. They are quick and easy, if I can just get over the bits of fuzz that end up everywhere.

A closeup of the Fuzzballs.

These are going to be super quick, but I’m glad I decided to go for tube socks. I don’t think I would even be capable of seeing the stitches to pick up.

The Fuzzballs.

They’re also a little strange… The fuzz tends to come out more on the purl sides. So the ribbing is just a mess of fuzz, but then the inside is fuzzier than the outside when you get to the stockinette part. I guess this is a good thing… It means the warmer, fuzzier side is the inside.

I also spent a little quality time with the weaving in box. The products? Hat: finished. Sampler Texture Socks: Finished. My sister’s socks from the beginning of the year: not quite finished.

This is what happens when you spend some time with the weaving-in basket.

There they are! I just have a wee bit more to do with my sister’s socks… I think there’s literally 3 more ends to weave in and then the box will be empty! For the time being, anyway.

I also realized that I have yet to show you the hat, officially finished.

The hat!

Don’t you just love when I’ve had the day off? I come back with photos!

Gosh, that photo of the hat turned out really well. It’s a little small, so I’ve decided that it will be for my sister. She’s going to have a pile of knitting for Christmas this year!

PS. 101 things list: I’m up to 17/101, with many in progress!

And a gold medal goes to…

Me! Your gold medal winner of Olympic-hat-knitting. I’m finished! I don’t have any photos, since it still needs the ends weaving in, but this officially means I have nothing on the needles! I know, it’s pretty shocking.

I’m not sure what I’m going to start next, but I actually have two days off this weekend, so I’ll finally have a little time to relax. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed this past little while, since I feel as if I haven’t had a moment to myself to just relax. I ride my horse every morning, so that should be enough, but I’m finding that it’s really not. I need some time to sit back and just think, without having the pressures of work or socializing.

Speaking of, my family holiday is coming up soon! We go to Florida every year in August with all of my cousins, and it’s a great way to just all be together. We don’t do anything, except relax. There’s a gorgeous beach and a gorgeous pool on our doorstep, and we go out for dinner every night so that we don’t have to cook.

I’m really looking forward to it. This year I’ll have no electronics. My phone stays at home, and my iPod is for the plane only. I’ll probably turn it off after we arrive.  Come to think of it, I might not even bring it.

I’m excited for the break. It means no knitting (because who brings knitting to a beach?) but it does mean some much needed refreshment time. I’ll come back with lots to blog about and all of the thoughts in my head going straight.

It’s fairly distracting to have a vacation coming up. I can’t really focus on anything and I’m completely at loose ends. I don’t want to start anything, since I’m going to be away for a week, and I want to finish everything up as quickly as possible. I think I’ve got cabin fever!

Anyway, back to the knitting. I’ve got numerous patterns picked out, and lots of yarn in the stash, but nothing is really calling my name at the moment. This seems to be a common theme this summer. I’m thinking a quick baby hat, since I have a pattern in my head that I want to write down, and maybe start on some of the socks for my family. I also need to sit down and have an end-weaving-in-session.

See? I told you I’m at loose ends. I can’t even write a decent post without going all over the place. You’re going to have to bear with me for another week, then I’ll get my brain together, I promise.


I don’t know what to call this post, other than DONE! I started and finished so much yesterday that it’s unbelievable.

First up, since you’re all dying to know… I am now a half-marathon runner! It took us only 2.5 hours (I was estimating it would take 3) and the only times we walked was when we were drinking water. (I can’t drink and run at the same time okay!). I actually had a lot of fun. My legs didn’t start to hurt until the 14th kilometre, but by the time we reached the last two kilometres, I was having a hard time continuing. Those last two kilometres were definitely the toughest I’ve ever ran. We finished strong though – I still had enough left in me to give a little sprint to the finish.

I don’t think my legs have ever been that sore in my life!

Here’s me and the boyfriend, after finishing our half marathon!

I’m so pleased to be able to cross #1 off my list of 101 things!

Next up: the Zoomobiles. I’m pleased to announce that they were finished yesterday while driving home. I even got the ends woven in! I’m notoriously slow at weaving in ends… My purple Sampler Texture Socks are still in the finishing basket, waiting to be done.

I have photos, although I must admit that it’s very difficult to take pictures of your own feet!

And finally, I have photos of my new yarn. The washing went well, and I’ve started to knit it up into a simple roll brim hat from a pattern that I keep in my head.

Just after washing

Ready, set, dry!

It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to knit up some more of it to see the colours.

Another closeup

It really is gorgeous yarn, and the elasticity isn’t actually too hard to knit with, contrary to what I had originally guessed it would be. I guess I’m working on yet another part of the 101 list – knit something that isn’t socks!

Sock it to me!

Wow, so much progress in so little time! I’m loving this quick knitting. Unfortunately, no photos today since I was a little late running out the door, but the first sock is completely finished, and the second has half of the cuff done.

Surprisingly, they aren’t going to match. Who would have guessed that, coming from me? Rhetorical question – you guys should know by now that nothing I make every matches. The second sock started out on a different bit of striping than the first, but that’s alright by me. I secretly like how nothing ever matches.

So we’ll see what these ones do… I always like watching how the stripes come together around the heel flap.

With the second sock well underway, I guess this means I’ll be starting a new project soon. It’s a weird feeling, to be able to start something new without the pressure of finishing my current project. I’ll be looking in the stash bin tonight, and I’ll post photos tomorrow. I think I’ll be starting some Christmas knitting, probably chunky socks for my sister or some for my mom. I also need a tea cozy, of all things, for my house in September. I have an inordinate amount of tea, but I’m planning on purchasing a tea pot for my house and I need a cozy!

I’m also going to scavenge my mom’s fabric collection tonight for something to make needle rolls with. I can’t efficiently bring all of my knitting to school in the fall with needles flying around everywhere, totally disorganized.

Tonight is going to be a productive night!


Sock + Wedding

The sock went to the wedding and back, and it is now almost done! Toe decreases! I would have worked on them in the car last night but I don’t trust myself to do decreasing in the dark after I’ve had a few beers. It wouldn’t have been pretty. I can see it now… Using my phone light to count stitches, my row counter falling all over the place…

Anyway. Off to London tonight with the boyfriend, so sock #2 shall be started! I love when they go fast… Soon my finishing bin is going to be too full. I kind of hate weaving in ends. Sometimes though, I get crazy and I want to weave them all in at once, but that’s more of a passing phase, and it doesn’t usually last too long.

Socks & Shoes

Stick a fork in me…

… I’m done!

Sampler Texture Socks, from The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor, unknown yarn from the stash

And again

There they are. My photography skills are pretty good too… I took those pictures, and they are my feet. The trick? My full length mirror that sits on the floor. Not the greatest floor to take pictures on with the grey carpet, but who cares.

The socks are pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. The pink toes don’t look too odd either.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the decreases for the toes are different. The pink toe is done following the pattern, and it fits much better. The first sock is the screw up sock, except it has the proper yarn. I don’t mind too much… I never make two things the same, even if they are part of a pair.

And I even did some work on the Zoomobile socks last night.


The first Zoomobile sock

I need to do some measuring, but I think that the rest of this sock will knit up quickly. I hope so anyway… I’m already bored.

In other news:

1. My pony had his first bath ever today. Not even a real bath; we didn’t use shampoo. He only thought the hose was going to eat him for the first 5 minutes. Tomorrow we use shampoo… This pony hasn’t seen soap in all of his 14 years. Gross!

2. The official decision has been made: Domino won’t be going to University with me this fall. She’s safer and happier at home, and I don’t worry about her there. I’ll also be able to focus more on school. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

The Horses

The horses this morning, enjoying the 35 degree (Celsius) weather at 10 am

There they are, my babies.

Progress? Check. Thanks for sticking with me guys. I’ve finally given you something interesting to look at. Hopefully more finished socks soon, and whisperings of new projects will be coming your way shortly…

The best laid plans

I am a planner. Hardcore. All the time.

I am not a doer. I have never been a doer, and there are very few times when I actually carry out my elaborate plans.

(I sound like an evil genius. I promise that all of my plans are made with the best intentions)

Plan 1: Knit 4×4 squares of all of the random yarn scraps I have and sew them all into a blanket. Result: Knit 36 squares, including weaving in ends. Sew 24 of them together. Decide it looks awful and squares are boring. Rip back all of it. Left with a bunch of tiny balls of yarn.

Plan 2: Stop spending money, particularly on things I don’t need or already have. Result: Go to the yarn store and buy 5 balls of yarn (including one ball that was $12), hunt yarn store websites & decide that an order over $50 is reasonable because it means I get free shipping.

Plan 3: Knit up the entire stash so there is nothing left. Result: I’ve done pretty well on this one. I didn’t buy yarn for a year. But I did buy yarn recently, and I immediately discarded all of my other planned projects as boring, and started knitting the new stuff.

Plan 4: Organize all of the knitting needles in my house. Result: Go through all of them, see if I have pairs (or sets of DPNs), then throw them all back into the same box. Basically just a waste of an hour, since they ended up exactly where they started, and I wasn’t the wiser. Needle rolls? Still unmade. Haven’t even looked for a pattern.

Plan 5: Organize all of my stash yarn into project bags, with the proper needles and pattern in there (which means doing gauge for all of them in advance), and take out ONE project as I need it. Result: Yarn with colours that go well together (usually my leftover bits of skeins and such) in ziplocs. Discover that all patterns need the same needles, which I only have one set of. Patterns remain un-printed. Also, have 2 projects on the go plus the weaving in on one other one.

Plan 6: Separate bag for separate project. Easy for travelling, just grab it and go. Result: One bag, with random yarn, needles, & pattern books shoved on top. Can’t locate plethora of knitting bags. Most current project on top. Or, current projects strew all over coffee tables, much to the chagrin of my mother.

This time will be different though. This time I have a plan. After I finish the current SIPs (both Sampler Texture Socks & Zoomobile Socks), I will go deep into the stash and see if I can locate some yarn for Christmas presents. This year, the budget is going to be tight, with my horse hopefully moving to school with me. I want to get a head start on the Christmas knitting this year, although I’m kind of looking forward to the end of the year rush, with 5 projects on the needles. I didn’t do Christmas knitting last year and boy did I miss it. Therefore…

Plan 7: Knit from the stash for Christmas starting now, thereby saving money and getting a head start. Result: We will see….