With Happiness

I wasn’t sure what to write about today, hence the late posting. It didn’t come to me until just now, in the form of an email. I often talk about BookCrossing, and the Summer Gift Giving program, where you publish a wishlist and people attempt to fulfill your wishes. Mine is just for books, yarn, and labels for books & such.

Last night, in the mail, I received a package with a book, some bookmarks, and some labels, as well as a nice postcard. It was such a nice surprise! Then, today I received an email from the UK. I had mailed a package over a month ago for someone there, and I was convinced that it had been lost in the mail. Luckily, the recipient got the package today! She said it brought a huge smile to her face; it was filled with scrapbooking supplies. When I was younger, I was very into the scrapbooking craze, but as time goes on, I find that I am more focused on knitting, riding, school, and the like. I’m so glad that I managed to bring a smile to her face. She posted a picture of all of the goodies, and I had quite forgotten how much stuff I had managed to stuff into the package!

The Zoomobiles now have the gussets done; lots of progress! Photos to come soon!


Okay, I admit it. I’m struggling to finish anything these days.

Knitting just doesn’t seem to be on my radar as important. I mean, it’s summer time. I sit outside and read books, and spend very little time in front of the television (which is where I do the bulk of my knitting).

I promised myself not to post until I had some photos of the finished Sampler Texture Socks to finish. And yet, here I am, lacking finished socks.

I’ve lost my mojo! I need some more instant gratification projects… Baby hats, here I come.

But, I did manage to get the gussets done on those Sampler Texture Socks. Instead of picking up 11 stitches per side, as I did on the first sock, I managed to pick up 17. Obviously, the gusset decreases took way longer, but I like that the joins are more “solid”. You know what I mean?

Typical me. Changing patterns.

I’m off to find some inspiration. And maybe make another blog. About horses this time.


What a weekend! Yes, I was absent all weekend, I’m sorry about that.

Saturday was crazy. I left my house at 5:20 am with my horse. We travelled 2.5 hours to our first horse show of the season. Since it’s our second year doing this, I had hoped that my horse would be great, and we would get over all of our jumps well. Instead, she went totally crazy, we managed to get over one jump all day, and she spooked at every car that went by (there were many). It was awful. I was so annoyed with her, but we have another one this coming Saturday, so hopefully she will be better behaved. We have already been out practising lots!

When I got home (another 2.5 hour drive home, and I forgot my knitting), my dad called me. He’s a vet, and he had to do a couple of calls, so I went with him. Most people don’t know, but when you apply to vet school you must have experience in the field, so this was a perfect opportunity.

Needless to say, I was exhausted when I got home, but I managed to get some knitting time in.

Sunday was recovery day. It rained on and off all day, so it was tough to get anything done outside.

Last night, I finished the heel flap and gusset of the Sampler Texture Socks.

I’m not sure how I feel about the gussets on these ones. You only pick up 11 stitches on each side… To me that’s not enough. It means that the shaping takes only a few rounds, but I would rather the shaping take longer and the heel and foot be joined more securely. I may change this in the next sock…

I also messed up the heel flap. It was supposed to be Eye of Partridge, but mine has 3 distinctly different looking sections… I don’t even know what Eye of Partridge looks like, so who knows.

Who names a stitch pattern Eye of Partridge anyways?

I also may have started another pair of socks. The yarn is this super bright self-patterning stuff, and I’m just making plain old vanilla socks. I needed something to knit up that was just plain old stockinette stitch, so I could do it without concentrating. Voila!

So exciting. I’m in love, and I have to make myself work on the Sampler Texture Socks, which don’t look near as exciting.

Here they are, in all their glory. Names anyone?