The Studying Sock

Studying + Knitting

That’s the detritus of a university student/knitter who has a biochemistry midterm in two days…

A very learned sock

The revelation that I can knit and study at the same time has led to a lot of progress on my Dad’s socks. I dread to think what will happen when I get to the toe.

The mittens!

The mittens, on the other hand, have taken more of a backseat role. I have definitely been working on them (onto the left hand chart!) but they are nowhere near as close to completion as I had hoped. I work on them when I take my big study breaks, and they’re coming along slowly. I love the parts that I’ve done so far, but I can’t wait to start seeing the flower motif take shape!

The studying/sock knitting is going to continue until next Saturday when I have my last midterm, in genetics. Only 3 more to go… Biochem, equine science, and genetics, then I’m free of midterms! I’m just hoping that the sock knitting will last until then. Who knows, I could be done all of my Christmas knitting by next weekend!



2 thoughts on “The Studying Sock

  1. I love when can multitask with a knitting project. It makes me feel so much more productive. As I’m attempting socks for the first time (toe-up, but very seriously thinking top-down is a better method), I fear I can do nothing but focus entirely on not breaking my teeny tiny needles and making sure I don’t mess up the toe/heels. I look forward to the time I can knit socks and do something else. Those mittens are looking lovely, by the way! Love the way the colors work together.

    Good luck with midterms!

    • Thanks so much! I agree, top down is way better, that’s how I make most of my socks. There is some appeal in toe up though… You can use up all of the yarn, right until the very end! You could try the heel-out socks that I made (just google hat heel socks on knitty). They were lots of fun! I’m sure you’ll be able to multitask with knitting soon!

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