Check your list

Since I can’t seem to gather my thoughts enough to make one cohesive post, here is a list.

1. I had 14 people look at the blog today. That’s a lot. My own personal record before that was 6 views in one day. So thank you, dear readers, and keep reading!

2. The weather, which was beautiful for the past few weeks, has suddenly turned cold. While this is very conducive to knitting, it is also conducive to sleeping. I’m a teenager, so¬†getting out of bed is hard sometimes all the time. Even if I have something I really want to do, like squeeze in some knitting time before work.

3. Have too many SIPs on the needles… must finish at least one sock.

4. Is it possible to get Second Sock Syndrome while you are still working on the first sock? I think I should call it After Heel-itis. It happens all the time; I turn the heel, make the gussets, and boom. I’m bored. Sampler Texture Socks, that means you. Its even an interesting stitch pattern and I’m bored out of my tree.

5. I knitted so much last night that my boyfriend even commented on how much longer the other socks were getting. I’m almost at the heel flap on those ones.

6. “Those Ones” still don’t have a proper name.

7. I have a horse show this weekend. Its supposed to be rainy and cold. I think the knitting had better come along for the ride this time.

8. A picture! Or two, of the intrepid stripy socks! I’ve never used a true self-striping yarn before (though I have used many variegated and self patterning ones), and boy is it ever addicting.¬†

Look how big it is! The sock, not the picture silly. I need to use a real camera sometime, instead of my phone.

Here it is again, looking out the (very dirty) window:

I love it. At first I didn’t think that the orange beside that pinky colour would look too good, but it does. I’m normally not to partial to orange either, but I do like it this time.

9. Thing the last: “Smile, you’re a loved and valued person” (I don’t know who said that, but I love it)


Eating me up inside

It is almost June. And yet, I have been cruising Ravelry all day, finding mitten patterns. What is wrong with me? I am obsessed, and it is making my current projects seem very boring (I will hopefully post a picture tomorrow, when I have made enough progress to warrant a picture)

Here they are. Some of my new obsessions. I don’t know what I’m possibly going to make first, but believe me, I will have some of these mittens on the sticks as soon as I can make it to a yarn store.

These ones are just fun

These look delightfully hard

These are nice and bright

I’ll stop now. Browse to your hearts content. (Look at that, I made working links! Never thought I would see the day).

I do realize that at the beginning of this blog, I told you that I would waste no time introducing you to my horses. I have yet to do that. So without further ado….

This is Domino (my mother cut my head off in the photo, I’m aware). She looks stunning in this photo, and is quite the jumper too. I love her more than anything in the world, and if covering her in handknits was a viable way to express my love I would do it. However, that is unfortunately not practical.

This is my little pony Felix. He is also my little sister’s therapy pony (she is disabled). He and I have had our issues, including the time he threw me off into a fence, but after a few years off, he is being retrained this summer. He definitely loves his work and we have reached an understanding. What a cutie. (Of course he will never measure up to Domino, above, who is my entire reason for getting up in the morning, but you know).

You have now officially been introduced to my sweets. I think of them as my children, really. I have had them since I was 15 and we are now going into our fifth summer together. It has been a crazy ride (get it, ride… I’m a funny one), but it has totally been worth it.

Love these two. You’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

Now, I’m off to take my dog to the lake, and hopefully have some knitting time after that, as I dream instead of complicated mittens…


She will be loved

When you make someone a knitted item, you assume it will be cherished and worn with happiness for years to come.

Not in my house. After spending hours and hours of my time on knitted items for my family, I have discovered that they don’t wear them!

For instance. My mother dresses my little sister (who is disabled) and I have made her countless hat and mittens, as well as some rather consuming legwarmers. In her defense, she wears the mittens. And occasionally a hat. But she is more likely to be seen in public wearing something store bought. I mean really, I made these things, and they look better than the store bought ones! Wear them!

How about that awful beret that my mother said she just had to have. She picked the pattern and the yarn. Guess how many times she’s worn it? Twice. Once. NEVER. I have never seen her wear it. What the heck?!?

My dad has a hat that he wore once, on Christmas Day a few years ago, and that’s only because he opened it that day.

My brother has a great matching hat and mitts set, as well as a scarf, and they are packed away in a closet somewhere.

I give up. Forevermore, this family will recieve no knitted gifts. They are underappreciated.

Except maybe socks. You can’t say no to socks.


What a weekend! Yes, I was absent all weekend, I’m sorry about that.

Saturday was crazy. I left my house at 5:20 am with my horse. We travelled 2.5 hours to our first horse show of the season. Since it’s our second year doing this, I had hoped that my horse would be great, and we would get over all of our jumps well. Instead, she went totally crazy, we managed to get over one jump all day, and she spooked at every car that went by (there were many). It was awful. I was so annoyed with her, but we have another one this coming Saturday, so hopefully she will be better behaved. We have already been out practising lots!

When I got home (another 2.5 hour drive home, and I forgot my knitting), my dad called me. He’s a vet, and he had to do a couple of calls, so I went with him. Most people don’t know, but when you apply to vet school you must have experience in the field, so this was a perfect opportunity.

Needless to say, I was exhausted when I got home, but I managed to get some knitting time in.

Sunday was recovery day. It rained on and off all day, so it was tough to get anything done outside.

Last night, I finished the heel flap and gusset of the Sampler Texture Socks.

I’m not sure how I feel about the gussets on these ones. You only pick up 11 stitches on each side… To me that’s not enough. It means that the shaping takes only a few rounds, but I would rather the shaping take longer and the heel and foot be joined more securely. I may change this in the next sock…

I also messed up the heel flap. It was supposed to be Eye of Partridge, but mine has 3 distinctly different looking sections… I don’t even know what Eye of Partridge looks like, so who knows.

Who names a stitch pattern Eye of Partridge anyways?

I also may have started another pair of socks. The yarn is this super bright self-patterning stuff, and I’m just making plain old vanilla socks. I needed something to knit up that was just plain old stockinette stitch, so I could do it without concentrating. Voila!

So exciting. I’m in love, and I have to make myself work on the Sampler Texture Socks, which don’t look near as exciting.

Here they are, in all their glory. Names anyone?


This (taken with my phone, I know its bad quality, sorry) is my addiction. I obviously made it to the yarn store. And got $40 worth of yarn! I’m so excited I just want to run home and start knitting.

Years ago, at this same yarn store (its actually just a store that happens to sell yarn, not a dedicated yarn store), I purchased one ball of Austermann Step sock yarn. It had aloe and jojoba oil (or something) in it, and its super soft. I knit it up into socks this winter, and I’m in love. They stay soft wash after wash, and the self-patterning varieties of this yarn are stunning. Do you think I can find that yarn anywhere? NO.

The only place I’ve found it is online, where it goes for about $20 a ball. Good thing it only takes one ball to make a pair of socks…

Since this yarn store didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, I had to content myself with these other 5 balls. Let me tell you, it was difficult to escape with only 5. Something crazy happened when I set foot into that store…

I walked in and was confronted immediately by an entire wall (!!) filled with yarn! Imagine my excitement. I could hear my heart beat in my ears and my eyes definitely bugged out of my head a little. There were so many types! When confronted with such an overwhelming situation, my brain tends to categorize and focus on the goal. I immediately gravitated towards the sock yarn (since that was what I was there for) and stroked probably every skein. However, I spotted the sale bin, and my plans went out the window. I browsed through that for a little bit, but found nothing of interest. The sale bin was conveniently located beside a few shelves of my favourite yarn, good old Patons Shetland Chunky. They had many varieties, but unfortunately none of the variegated colourways that I’m fond of.

Back to the sock yarn I went. I looked. I touched. I may have smelled. It was too much to drink in, and I admit that my senses may have been overloaded. My mind wasn’t working properly as I pulled ball after ball into my arms. I didn’t even question one $12 ball. I still don’t know what happened to my usually trusty frugality.

I knew it had been too long since I visited the yarn shop. It was such an overwhelming experience that I’m sure I am going to have to go back again soon, this time with my wits about me.

However, you will be interested to know:

Time spent in store: 10 minutes (I was on my way to work, give me a break)

Total balls of yarn purchased: 5

Money spent: $40

This means that I averaged purchasing a ball every two minutes, and for every minute I was there I spent $4. Good thing I had a time limit or my tuition money would have been out the window. Next thing you know, one of those reality shows about hoarding or addictions would have been knocking on my door.

Yarn: My Strange Addiction.



That sinking feeling

It’s happened quite a few times in the past 24 hours… That sinking feeling.

First, last night, upon realizing that I have a horse show on Saturday, and I don’t have boots or a show coat (crisis averted, they arrived this morning).

Then, again last night, upon realizing that I skipped a good 14 rows of a chart. How exactly does one do this? Perhaps by knitting in the semi-dark. Also through my inherent inability to read and follow a pattern.

14 rows is a lot of rows. And I absolutely hate frogging, but sometimes you have to. Namely when you’ve already done the first two heel flap rows.

I did manage to recover from last night’s fiasco with the chart. The SIP is now only 4 rows away from starting the heel flap (for real this time, I swear). It looks pretty good too.

This morning I figured that I would stop at my local (sort-of) yarn shop on the way to work. We don’t really have dedicated yarn shops where I’m from, since I live in the middle of nowhere, but we do have a few stores that sell yarn. I dropped into one this morning, only to find that it didn’t open until 10 (I started work at 10). Joy.

Back to the drawing board on that one, looks like I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow until I can get my yarn fix. I haven’t been yarn shopping in over a year.


What is wrong with me? I am extremely cheap and on a student’s budget to boot. There’s tons of leftovers in my yarn bin(s) that I’ve been working on using up. It has been fulfilling my yarn cravings, but sometimes a girl needs new yarn for a specific project.

Since the store is closed, I’ve been drooling over yarn online. I’ll be right back as soon as I finish staring at this hand painted sock stuff that goes for $28/skein + shipping……..


Last night, after a day out in the sun, my family settled down to watch some hockey (its the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and we’re Canadian…). My boyfriend joined us for this fun family activity, and you must understand that I usually knit while watching television, but not while he is around.

Since I told him that I am a knitter, I have gradually been getting him used to the idea. First, I left knitting books around my house (not difficult… the local library has a very good selection). Next, I left actual knitting around the house. I started wearing (and telling him I was wearing) socks that I have knitted myself. My socks are usually pretty colourful so they aren’t that hard to notice.

Last night, we saw real progress. As I sat down on the couch beside him, I proceeded to knit for over an hour on the current SIPs. At one point, he actually told me to “go really slow” so he could figure out what I was doing.

Get this. He actually took an interest in the knitting. He didn’t freak out and run the other way because I was knitting a sock. He doesn’t think that only old people do it. He (shocker) likes that I knit. I don’t know how this is humanly possible (maybe because I promised him some socks).

Folks, I would have to call this progress. As a result, I also made progress on the SIPs, which I have decided need a new name. “Sampler Texture Socks” just isn’t doing it for me. Any ideas?

Here’s some progress for you. Seed stitch section is done!

(Yes, that is my cat Jinx modelling the SIP… yes it is bigger than her head)