Return of the King

Okay, okay, maybe I’m not a king (or a queen for that matter) but I am the commander-in-chief of this blog, and I have returned from the land of white sand beaches and too much beer!

A much needed vacation, if I do say so myself. Even though it was only a few days long. I plastered on the sunscreen every day, so I have only the slightest hint of a tan, but I was able to sit outside ALL DAY without getting a sunburn. I’m pretty sure the sun is stronger down in Florida too.

Now it’s time for me to get back to reality. Every year, this trip marks my change in attitude regarding school; before I go, I’m not ready to think about school, and by the time I come back, I’m ready to pack it off. Or at least close to being ready. I’m actually starting to get really excited about packing up my stuff and moving back.

No knitting down there on the island, but I did find a yarn shop. I didn’t go in, but I’m hoping it will be there next year when I have more time. It’s called “A Good Yarn” and it looks fairly new. I love finding new places like that.

I returned to gray skies with a little rain, and cool weather. It always seems to be this way when I return from Florida every year… A gentle reminder that I’m no longer on the island, and fall is coming.

Since I have no knitting news, perhaps some photos? Thanks to my mother for stealing my camera and using her amazing photography skills (that I didn’t inherit, it seems) to provide these wonderful photos. I’ll also be updating the 101 list later today.

My second home

Florida has the best clouds

An evening walk on the beach



3…2…1… LIFTOFF!

That’s right, tomorrow I’ll be leaving on a jet plane for my family’s annual vacation in Florida with all of my cousins and uncles, and I couldn’t be more excited. This vacation is much needed right now. I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach with a good book.

Part of this yearly trip also results in pre-vacation stress. Last year, I remember sobbing in my room before my trip as I packed, still upset over my breakup with my then-boyfriend, while texting multiple friends who were all telling me to just get over it. I think I was still throwing things in suitcases at midnight. We left the next morning at 3:30 am. But you know what? When I came back I was okay.

This year, I haven’t packed one thing yet. I know what I have to bring (I’ve been doing this since I was 6 months old) but I haven’t got it together yet. I feel like I have fifty million things to do before we go… I’ve got to finish this shift at work, go home, have a riding lesson (unlikely, since its pouring) then put the horses out and clean their stalls for the second time today. Then it’s getting ready: painting the toes, setting out my clothing for tomorrow morning, and packing. My best friend is coming over for a few hours, then I’m going out to dinner. Then it’s home again to do chores and make sure the barn is clean, then finish packing and finally bedtime.

That list just makes me exhausted. I’ll be on a plane tomorrow at this time, reading in the air and barely containing my excitement to reach my second home, the one of palm trees and white sand beaches.

The only thing that bothers me about leaving this year is the lack of knitting. I’ve really become quite attached to it since my long hiatus during school, and I’m just starting these exciting new projects. I really don’t want to leave it behind. But, alas, I’m no Yarn Harlot, who regularly brings her knitting on the plane… And lives to blog about it.

Regardless, it’s a long drive to the airport, so I think I’m going to stuff the Fuzzballs into the vehicle and leave them there while we’re away. Then, when I come back, I’ll have something to do on the drive home. I just can’t imagine sitting in the car for 2.5 hours without anything to knit. We’ll be home during rush hour too, so I think that the knitting is definitely going to be necessary.

Until I’m gone, I’ll be planning my first sweater escapade. I’m nearly paralyzed with fear about starting something that big; I’m sure it will take me months to finish. None the less, I’m searching for patterns until my shift is done and I’m free to prepare for the beach life.

I’ll be back in a week, with a photo heavy blog post and a nice tan (unlikely, but a girl can dream)!

PS. Just thought I would mention that I’ve written this post to the soundtrack of a leaking ceiling in the library… Guess the rain has finally come!

And a gold medal goes to…

Me! Your gold medal winner of Olympic-hat-knitting. I’m finished! I don’t have any photos, since it still needs the ends weaving in, but this officially means I have nothing on the needles! I know, it’s pretty shocking.

I’m not sure what I’m going to start next, but I actually have two days off this weekend, so I’ll finally have a little time to relax. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed this past little while, since I feel as if I haven’t had a moment to myself to just relax. I ride my horse every morning, so that should be enough, but I’m finding that it’s really not. I need some time to sit back and just think, without having the pressures of work or socializing.

Speaking of, my family holiday is coming up soon! We go to Florida every year in August with all of my cousins, and it’s a great way to just all be together. We don’t do anything, except relax. There’s a gorgeous beach and a gorgeous pool on our doorstep, and we go out for dinner every night so that we don’t have to cook.

I’m really looking forward to it. This year I’ll have no electronics. My phone stays at home, and my iPod is for the plane only. I’ll probably turn it off after we arrive.  Come to think of it, I might not even bring it.

I’m excited for the break. It means no knitting (because who brings knitting to a beach?) but it does mean some much needed refreshment time. I’ll come back with lots to blog about and all of the thoughts in my head going straight.

It’s fairly distracting to have a vacation coming up. I can’t really focus on anything and I’m completely at loose ends. I don’t want to start anything, since I’m going to be away for a week, and I want to finish everything up as quickly as possible. I think I’ve got cabin fever!

Anyway, back to the knitting. I’ve got numerous patterns picked out, and lots of yarn in the stash, but nothing is really calling my name at the moment. This seems to be a common theme this summer. I’m thinking a quick baby hat, since I have a pattern in my head that I want to write down, and maybe start on some of the socks for my family. I also need to sit down and have an end-weaving-in-session.

See? I told you I’m at loose ends. I can’t even write a decent post without going all over the place. You’re going to have to bear with me for another week, then I’ll get my brain together, I promise.