Rainy Day Mittens

That’s what my new obsession is… My mittens. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, the pattern is Chrysanthemums, and boy is it a challenging pattern. The cuff was the most challenging… A picot edge, but done in such a strange way. It took me a good hour just to get the entire cuff done. Go have a look at the pattern if you don’t believe me.

The good news is, they’re looking great so far. The bad news is, I haven’t worked on anything else since last Thursday. Tonight I’m planning to do some work on my Dad’s Christmas socks, then a little on the mittens before I go to bed.

I’m completely and utterly in love with these mittens. Despite the fact I have to use spell check every time I try to write their name, they are wonderful. I’ve been dreaming of wearing them since I cast on, and I have unrealistic notions in my head about finishing them in time to wear this coming weekend.

My brain seems to have forgotten that I’m right in the middle of midterms.

My new mittens!

I’ve been trying to knit with the two colours more efficiently. I haven’t done much colourwork, so I’ve been trying not to let go of each colour as I need the other. It’s been difficult… At first, I tried having one colour in each hand, but the one in my left always had uneven tension. I’ve now got a system worked out where I hold them both in my right hand, and then just use a different position on my finger for each strand.

A closeup of the cuff

It’s been a learning experience, and I’m sure it will be more of one before these mittens are done. I just hope my infatuation lasts to see them through!

Blast from the Past

This weekend at home has been great so far, even though the weather has been disgusting. I’ve had lots of knitting time, and we may have stopped at another yarn store on the way home… It’s official. I’m addicted.

But since I’ve been home, I took a little break from the knitting to look through some old photos. I found some great ones so I thought I would share.

Fall is beautiful every year, including in 2004

This is where I come from

Me & my old dog Oden in the bush on a walk

Winter is also pretty

That’s probably not w you guys were hoping or expecting to see today, but I’ll have a post up tomorrow about these crazy mittens I’m making… The lady in the yarn store was right to call me brave!

That Certain Shade of Yellow

Today was one of those perfect fall days. I was walking to school, admiring the leaves, when I realized that I needed some mittens. Not thick winter mittens, but some fussy fall mittens. I have a number of patterns picked out already, I just need yarn…

And some self-control. I have to stick with the plan on all of this Christmas knitting. I’ve been working away on my Dad’s socks, and I’ve realized that I would like to make him another pair, with plainer yarn and a little more of a fancy pattern. Just to add something else to the list… However, they are staying at the bottom, and I’m only making them if I decide that I have enough time!

So what about this post is yellow?

Well, there’s the mustard shade in my Dad’s socks…

Dad’s socks

There’s also the colour of the leaves today…

This was actually last year on campus, but it looks the same today

There’s the sunset that I can’t wait to see this weekend…

The sunset from the farm… Hopefully it won’t be too cloudy for this

There’s the colour of my cat’s eyes, in photos that I found on my computer…

I realize that this is black and white so you can’t see the colours, but you know what I mean.

And then there’s something else. Something that isn’t yellow at all. This something is purple. It’s called Rett Syndrome. My sister has it, and it Awareness month. There’s a great blog that I read called Grace for Rett about a young girl in the UK who also has it. Her mom is a photographer, and she’s amazing.

Read it. Learn.

I’m sure tomorrow will be another yellow day.

But I’m secretly hoping that it will be purple.

Milkshakes and Movies

Tonight, my boyfriend surprised me by coming over after my class. We made berry milkshakes, and will be watching movies (I assume). We’re both working on homework at the moment (well, I’m blogging, but you know).

There will be knitting.

But, tonight is not the focus of this post. I promised you that I would post photos today, and though it is nearing 9 pm, those photos will be posted!

A closeup of the finished hat heel socks

Another shot of the finished Hat Heel Socks

There they are: the Hat Heel Socks, and a gift to my mother. They now top the charts as my favourite sock pattern to date. (Pattern:Hat Heel Socks by Kathleen Sperling; Yarn:Paton’s Kroy Sock, Colour #55129 Aqua Fleck)

The Fuzzballs! They still need the ends weaving in, but I’ll get to that soon enough.

A closeup of the Fuzzballs. I love how the confetti bits ended up creating vertical lines on one of the socks.

The Fuzzballs were another great success. They were super quick, but I’m not sure if I will ever knit with that yarn again. The fuzzy bits are now all over my house and my clothing. (Pattern: my own; Yarn: Paton’s Carmen (Discontinued) in colour #07434 Rose).

My night tonight – socks, the boyfriend, and milkshakes.

My latest project: socks for my dad for Christmas. The pattern is Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and the yarn is Nova Value Collection Sock Print in colour #405 Earth Tones. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have enough yarn… It might be a close one.

Now, back to my milkshakes and my movies. I’ll have more progress in the morning.

Return of the King

Okay, okay, maybe I’m not a king (or a queen for that matter) but I am the commander-in-chief of this blog, and I have returned from the land of white sand beaches and too much beer!

A much needed vacation, if I do say so myself. Even though it was only a few days long. I plastered on the sunscreen every day, so I have only the slightest hint of a tan, but I was able to sit outside ALL DAY without getting a sunburn. I’m pretty sure the sun is stronger down in Florida too.

Now it’s time for me to get back to reality. Every year, this trip marks my change in attitude regarding school; before I go, I’m not ready to think about school, and by the time I come back, I’m ready to pack it off. Or at least close to being ready. I’m actually starting to get really excited about packing up my stuff and moving back.

No knitting down there on the island, but I did find a yarn shop. I didn’t go in, but I’m hoping it will be there next year when I have more time. It’s called “A Good Yarn” and it looks fairly new. I love finding new places like that.

I returned to gray skies with a little rain, and cool weather. It always seems to be this way when I return from Florida every year… A gentle reminder that I’m no longer on the island, and fall is coming.

Since I have no knitting news, perhaps some photos? Thanks to my mother for stealing my camera and using her amazing photography skills (that I didn’t inherit, it seems) to provide these wonderful photos. I’ll also be updating the 101 list later today.

My second home

Florida has the best clouds

An evening walk on the beach


So close and yet so far

So last night didn’t exactly go as planned… Why am I not surprised?

I worked pretty hard on the socks, and I’m in the middle of the toe decreases now. How frustrating is that? I just wanted to finish, but my eyes were closing. I had to forgo the knitting for sleep. Funny, its usually the other way around.

It was raining this morning, so I didn’t go riding when I woke up. I had extra time, so I actually managed to take some pictures of the knitting! Want to see?

Here they are. I know they look a little strange with the pink section, but a knitter has to do what a knitter has to do. They’re destined to be everyday socks, nothing particularly special, so I’m not too worried about their colour scheme (obviously, I used an awful lilac colour).

There they area again. The pink has some type of shine in it, which you can probably see better in the next photo. They don’t look too bad… I mean, I initially thought that I was going to have to switch to pink at the heel, so this is progress.

There we go. I can’t actually tell if that photo is going to work or not… It won’t appear here, and my typing appears a good 3-5 seconds after I press the button. So I’m sorry in advance for any errant spelling errors; I’m having computer issues.

The plan for tonight is to finish these bad boys off. Then I’ll just have the Zoomobile socks, and I may allow myself to start another project too, since I’ll have one off the needles.

What’s going on in the rest of my life, in a list.

1. There’s a new page at the top of the blog, called “The Trouble with Greys”. I had started another blog with this title, but I couldn’t keep up both blogs with interesting content and quality writing. So I took some of the posts from that blog and put them here. There’s lots of pictures; check it out.

2. Back when I wrote about my goals, I wrote that I wanted to successfully test for my Pony Club levels on July 2nd. That was on Monday, and I’m pleased to inform you that the goal is completed! I received a score of 91.5% (out of 100) on my riding test, and I couldn’t be more proud of my horse!

3. Speaking of said horse, I have contacted barns near my University to move her to in the fall… The place I want only has one stall left, so I’m freaking out a little bit. This means I have to decide fast! I’m excited but scared all at once; what if, what if, what if. That’s all that’s running through my head. So I have to make the two hour drive up there sometime in the next week, between work, in order to meet the barn manager. Fingers crossed that it all works out!

4. I have a wedding this weekend and I have no idea what to wear. Oh, crap. I also have to get someone to look after the horses. I swear I’m usually more organized than this!

5. I’ve been reading these books about food security and eating well, and I love it. I’m so grateful that I live on a farm, and either grow or know the farmers of most of my food.

6. I’ve been reading. Period. Hence the lack of knitting. But I have this list of over 225 books to read, so I’ve been slowly working on it. Plus you can’t work in a library without constantly pulling books off the shelves to read.

That’s all for now folks, hopefully now that I’ve gone back to one blog again I’ll be posting some better stuff. And more pictures of the socks, hopefully travelling a bit now that it’s officially summer!