The Knitting Olympics

That’s right. I’ve been knitting in Olympic proportions lately. For a sports fan, it’s a great opportunity to sit on my butt for hours at a time and knit. I mean, it only happens every 4 years, right? (Every 2 if you count the winter Olympics).

So I’ve been watching and knitting. I’ve been trying to catch as much of the equestrian stuff as possible but it’s been tough, since they don’t televise most of it. But still, I now know what to look for in a synchronized dive, and how canoe/kayak slalom works.

I have some utterly crap-tastic photos of the hat, taken with my phone as I ran out the door. I did warn you; they’re crap-tastic.

The hat, day 2

That’s after two days. It’ll be finished tonight. THREE DAYS FOR A HAT. This is a new record. Not only am I knitting something other than socks; I’m knitting it so fast I don’t know what to do with myself. What am I going to start next? I’m thinking another hat.

My issue now is this: Who does this hat go to? Initially, I had thought that I would give it to my sister. Instead, I’m now thinking I might want to keep it for myself. Since when do I fall for hats? I’m usually more prone to loving the socks… Not hats.

How could you not want this hat?

Look at the colours! (Try to ignore the blurry gross-ness that is a phone camera).

Check on the 101 things list too for more updates. Last night I sent a piece of fan mail… It was an email, but it still counts! I’ll be posting a number out of 101 that I’ve completed.


I don’t know what to call this post, other than DONE! I started and finished so much yesterday that it’s unbelievable.

First up, since you’re all dying to know… I am now a half-marathon runner! It took us only 2.5 hours (I was estimating it would take 3) and the only times we walked was when we were drinking water. (I can’t drink and run at the same time okay!). I actually had a lot of fun. My legs didn’t start to hurt until the 14th kilometre, but by the time we reached the last two kilometres, I was having a hard time continuing. Those last two kilometres were definitely the toughest I’ve ever ran. We finished strong though – I still had enough left in me to give a little sprint to the finish.

I don’t think my legs have ever been that sore in my life!

Here’s me and the boyfriend, after finishing our half marathon!

I’m so pleased to be able to cross #1 off my list of 101 things!

Next up: the Zoomobiles. I’m pleased to announce that they were finished yesterday while driving home. I even got the ends woven in! I’m notoriously slow at weaving in ends… My purple Sampler Texture Socks are still in the finishing basket, waiting to be done.

I have photos, although I must admit that it’s very difficult to take pictures of your own feet!

And finally, I have photos of my new yarn. The washing went well, and I’ve started to knit it up into a simple roll brim hat from a pattern that I keep in my head.

Just after washing

Ready, set, dry!

It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to knit up some more of it to see the colours.

Another closeup

It really is gorgeous yarn, and the elasticity isn’t actually too hard to knit with, contrary to what I had originally guessed it would be. I guess I’m working on yet another part of the 101 list – knit something that isn’t socks!

The Cleaner Side of Life

I have successfully washed the yarn! I had taken all of these lovely photos of it, but then grabbed the wrong memory card on my way to work. I’ll give you some photos next time I post!

The yarn is now clean and smells like clean laundry. It dried beautifully, and now I just have to wind it into a ball. In order to wash it, I attempted to wind it into a hank, but it didn’t really work too well… Luckily, there wasn’t too much of it, so it was relatively easy to get the tangles out (with some patience of course).

I can’t wait to show you the finished product. As I was looping around my drying rack, I noticed that no two pieces are the same. The base colour is purple, but the combinations change every few minutes and you are left with a fabulous mix of colours. I love it!

In other news, tomorrow is the big day of my half-marathon. I haven’t really trained for it so I feel like I’m cheating, but I’m excited none the less. I can’t wait to finish! It’s early in the morning, so I’ll be having a celebratory breakfast afterwards. I’m also excited to be staying in a hotel tonight; I’ll be in the pool for as long as possible.

No promises on a post tomorrow, but wish me luck!

The Yarn Adventures

Today is a new day, an exciting day, an adventurous day… For today I am going to wash some yarn.

Do you recall me blogging about that yarn I got in the mail from BookCrossing? Well. I’ve decided to wash it and knit it up (I’m weird about washing things).

So this morning I started by winding it into big loose loops, but it turns out that the ball of yarn isn’t attached… It’s actually been cut into 4 different sized pieces. Good thing I’m decent at weaving in ends and joining yarn!

Then I have to wash it. I haven’t done this yet, and I don’t exactly know how. I think it’s going to end up as a tangle.

Next step is laying it on the patio to dry. This might have to wait until tomorrow as they are calling for thunderstorms later this afternoon.

Then, finally, I can make it into a hat! I’m excited for you to see the colours!


I can’t think of a good title for this post, hence the boring one “Rain”. I’m not really in the blogging mood at the moment… My cat has been struggling with illness for the past week. She’s young, only three, and we’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with her. My dad (a vet) thinks that she’s been poisoned somehow; eating a bad mouse or something.

Regardless, she’s been suffering for a week now. We’ve tried many different things, and Dad has been giving her fluid and ┬ápenicillin to keep her happy. She hasn’t shown any signs of improving and she isn’t eating or drinking.

She’s still her usual happy self though. She perks up whenever we come to pat her, and she’s always purring. She’s been wandering around the house, going from place to place. This morning I found her in the sink. You can tell from the picture that she doesn’t look too good, but seeing her curled up in the sink was too funny to resist.

In other news, we have a list. My heart’s not in it today, so it’ll be brief.

1. It rained. A lot. Finally. Yay!

2. I drove home last night after midnight in a lightning storm. It was simultaneously the most beautiful and terrifying thing ever.

3. I have a new page called 101 things. It’s a random list of 101 (+ a few) things that I want to do before 2013. I’ll cross them off as I go and probably post on the blog about them. It’s a way to live more purposefully, so the days don’t all slide by in a blur. Check it out, make your own, tell me in the comments what’s on your list.

Rest in Peace my Jinx. I love you. I’m really hoping that I get to write a post tomorrow about how she’s actually going to make it.

Update: After working a little more on my 101 Things List, I’m feeling a little better. #33, Kiss in the rain, was completed last night. Today, I just completed #97, Comment positively on six different blogs in one day. The blogs were as follows:

Loosing 100 Lbs
Canadian Equestrian Team Blog
Whole Larder Love
Love and a Six-Foot Leash
Invisible Ink – a Freshly Pressed Blog, on a post called Writing the Unseen
Year on a Whim – another Freshly Pressed blog

I’m going to keep going!

Burnt Toast

This morning I burned my toast.

I hate burnt toast, with a passion. Burnt anything, for that matter.

My bread was dry and hard.

I ate in anyway.

Why? Why did I eat something that I clearly wasn’t going to enjoy? Why didn’t I just compost it and start over? That would be the logical solution…

I ate it because I was late. I didn’t have time to put new pieces of bread in the toaster and start over. I didn’t have time to make a cup of tea.

I realized, as I was driving to work this morning, reflecting on my burnt toast, that I wasn’t following the old saying “That which matters the most should never give what to that which matters the least”. I often try to listen to this saying, to ensure that I have time to do what matters most to me. I always make time to ride my horse, see my family and my boyfriend, and to go to school.

It also occurred to me that I spend a lot of time doing things which matter very little to me. Work is a prime example. In a roundabout way, work helps me to complete school, which is very important. But the physical act of going to work is something which matters very little to me. I have a very unfulfilling and boring job (libraries I tell you) but that’s not even the point. The point is, I know that I want to be doing something for the rest of my life in which I can feel fulfilled.

Work is a fact of life. I can’t do anything about it. But I can start to give up other things that don’t matter to me at all. I spend an inordinate amount of time checking Facebook and Twitter. I also spend a lot of time aimlessly surfing the web while at work, when I could be doing something else (like writing my book). These simple little time wasters hinder the completion of the things that I want to do in my life.

I have an awkward 2 hour break on Wednesdays, when I transfer between libraries and wait for them to open. I have a forty minute drive, then I sit in the parking lot for an hour and a half. I have been using that time to read all summer. Today, it occurred to me that although there are many books I would like to read, there are few that are holding my attention at the moment.

This morning I almost grabbed my knitting on my way out the door, but I was in a rush. I’m really wishing that I had grabbed it, since the book I’m reading is a little boring at the moment. Using these spare moments to do something I enjoy, like knitting, will allow me to complete my goals much more efficiently. That which matters the most won’t be giving way to that which matters the least, because I’ll have some knitting with me anytime I need it.

Car knitting, you will be my saviour.

And finally, tonight, after a week off, I’ll be working on the Zoomobiles. I can’t wait to get home.

The Blogging State of Mind

thetravellingsock has been up and running since May, as many of you dedicated readers know. In that time, I’ve discovered how to put in pictures and links, and I’ve garnered around 230 views. This is my first blog, and the learning curve has been huge. I’ve been inspired to take more photographs, and put myself out there: share my goals and opinions, and comment on others’ blogs.

It’s been tough so far, I can’t lie. Every time I sit down to write a post, I try to put my best writing out into the world. I chose one of the most difficult times to start a knitting blog too: the beginning of summer, when knitting is low on the priority list.

Still, blogging almost daily has changed the way I think about things. When I wake up in the morning, I think: “What am I going to blog about today? What has happened in the past 24 hours that can become a richly told story, complete with photos?” Sometimes, the answer is nothing. Today, the answer was nothing. No knitting progress, nothing exciting at all.

It’s taken this long for me to realize that people don’t visit my blog just to see exactly what I’ve been doing that day. My readers don’t want a play by play of my life. They want insight, opinion, and interesting topics. They don’t need to see a new sock every day. They want something that will make them laugh, cry, or think a little harder.

I think some of my posts have done that, particularly the ones with more views. Some of my posts have been witty and humourous, and I hope others have been thought provoking. Though this is primarily a blog about knitting, its also a blog about me, my life, and my opinions.

I’ve try to remain mostly anonymous until now, not revealing my name or posting photos of others. I do post pictures of myself from time to time, but I would be shocked if a reader actually knew me personally.

Though I’ve been blogging a lot lately, I’m not sure if my posts are exactly what I was going for when I started this blog. I wanted to be witty and informative, with knitting and humour and the last bit of my opinionated disposition that comes from being a teenager. I haven’t figured out if this blog has done what I wanted it to. I don’t know if I’ve been able to give you readers something that makes you want to come back again and again.

I’m going to keep working on it. I’ll be posting, and editing more before I post. I’ll be looking at experiences in a new way. I’ll be challenging the way I think and the way I write.

Thanks for coming so far on this journey with me; I’m not sure where I’m headed, but so far, I’m enjoying the ride.