What a morning

Wow. What a crazy morning I’ve had so far.

Let’s see… I got up and went to ride both horses first thing. As I was setting up my jumps, I got distracted by my cat, who was chasing a chipmunk. She had it cornered in the barn, so I helped her get it out, but it still managed to get away. I spent a good ten minutes laughing at her running every which way though!

I rode my pony Felix, who was very well behaved for once. Then I hopped on Domino and one of my old riding teachers came over to help me out. I haven’t seen her in about 4 years, and she hasn’t given me lessons since I was 12 (that’s 7 years ago now). It was great to see her and get some feedback and help with my riding. It ended up being a huge sports psychology lesson!

I think I should start a horse blog, I have so much to say about them. Just wait until winter, when all I want to do is knit, knit, and knit (after I come in from riding in the cold, that is).

I’ve made a little more progress on the SIPs but that chart seems to be going awfully slowly. Its 70 rows… I think I’m on about row 25 now. I have a long car trip this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll get lots of it done.

I do have some photos of another little project I can’t wait to tackle. I’m going to make tube socks out of this yarn.

I’m not usually one for novelty yarns. In fact, I hate them. My very first “real” knitting project was this scarf made out of some strange eyelash stuff that was all the rage that year. Let me tell you, as a beginning knitter, there is no easier way to cover up dropped stitches, but boy was that scarf heavy.

This stuff is the softest, nicest yarn you will ever feel though, so I am willing to knit with it this time. The plan is to make plain old tube socks. My sister is disabled and she doesn’t walk much or wear shoes much, so its perfect for her tender little toes. She’s also got tiny feet, so I figured on a skein per foot!

Don’t ask what the yarn is, I found it when I was doing the stash reorganization. Its been in there for years; it smells like the bar of soap my mom threw in the bin years ago to make my yarn smell nice.

Here’s me feeling artsy with my camera: