Return of the King

Okay, okay, maybe I’m not a king (or a queen for that matter) but I am the commander-in-chief of this blog, and I have returned from the land of white sand beaches and too much beer!

A much needed vacation, if I do say so myself. Even though it was only a few days long. I plastered on the sunscreen every day, so I have only the slightest hint of a tan, but I was able to sit outside ALL DAY without getting a sunburn. I’m pretty sure the sun is stronger down in Florida too.

Now it’s time for me to get back to reality. Every year, this trip marks my change in attitude regarding school; before I go, I’m not ready to think about school, and by the time I come back, I’m ready to pack it off. Or at least close to being ready. I’m actually starting to get really excited about packing up my stuff and moving back.

No knitting down there on the island, but I did find a yarn shop. I didn’t go in, but I’m hoping it will be there next year when I have more time. It’s called “A Good Yarn” and it looks fairly new. I love finding new places like that.

I returned to gray skies with a little rain, and cool weather. It always seems to be this way when I return from Florida every year… A gentle reminder that I’m no longer on the island, and fall is coming.

Since I have no knitting news, perhaps some photos? Thanks to my mother for stealing my camera and using her amazing photography skills (that I didn’t inherit, it seems) to provide these wonderful photos. I’ll also be updating the 101 list later today.

My second home

Florida has the best clouds

An evening walk on the beach



Today I’m “less” everything. Book-less, lunch-less, knitting-less. I’m at work, and I’m focus-less.

The knitting-less thing is really starting to get to me. I have tomorrow off (finally) so I’m planning to make a dent in the weaving-in-ends pile. It’s getting a little excessive. I’m also hoping to get something on the needles as soon as possible. I’m definitely going to cast on for a couple of things; I need some vanilla-zone-out-and-nod-off-knitting as well as something a little more convoluted. I can’t wait to sit by the Olympics and knit again tonight.

Is it sad that I can’t wait to sit and watch Olympics and knit? I’m a teenager; I should be partying and having a great social life! That’s what school is for, I guess.

I’m also hoping to get some photos up tomorrow of the finished hat (once the ends are woven in of course) and my current Christmas knitting pile. I know it’s way too early for the C-word, but I need to get some focus if I’m going to seriously do some Christmas knits this year. I’m actually getting excited for the December grind, when I’m working on 5 different projects at once, and all I do is knit in every spare moment.

I’m so looking forward to some time off this weekend. I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks; when I’m not working, I’m doing something. It’ll be nice to have a little time to re-energize before my last 4 days of work then vacation! I’m learning that I really do need time to myself to just relax. It makes me happier and I’m more productive.

In Canada, this is a long weekend. I have plans on Monday, but that means I actually get two days off in a row! And tomorrow, Olympic Show Jumping is on, early in the morning. I’m feeling some breakfast-in-pajamas-knitting-early time coming on! I used to do that a lot during the winter Olympics in Torino in 2006. It seemed like every day was a snow day too, so we were home from school a lot.

Gosh, all this talk of Christmas and winter… Looks like I’m ready for fall!