Adventuring 2.0

I thought I was going adventuring a few weeks ago… That day has nothing on today.

After my midterm (which went very well, thanks for asking. I know the dairy cow life cycle inside and out), I hopped on a downtown bus and crossed something off the 101 Things list that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I visited my local yarn store.

To say I was overwhelmed and delighted is an understatement. I have never seen so much high quality yarn in my life! Unfortunately, most of it cost more than my weekly grocery budget, but it was amazing.

I’ve never seen alpaca before, and I can’t believe what I was missing out on all these years! I wanted to go and buy all of it… The only problem I have with it (other than expense of course) is that it isn’t washable. What I would give for washable alpaca. Probably my first born child.

The lady working was wonderfully helpful and nice. She said that lots of young people come to their knit nights. My roommate crochets, so she said she would love to come with me sometime. I’m feeling a new ritual coming on…

I showed the lady the pattern I wanted to knit in order to feed my mitten obsession… She blanched and said “Wow, you’re brave”. That doesn’t sound too promising for my first go round with the stranded mitten patterns, but we’ll see how it goes.

Yes, that means I caved, and got mitten yarn. My hands have been cold all week, and it’s not cold enough yet to dig out my real mittens.

The yarn is Naturally Baby Haven, made in New Zealand. It’s 100% superwash merino. I’ve got colours #314 and #315. The pattern I’m planning on making is Chrysanthemum. That’s the plan anyway… We’ll see how long it takes me to get frustrated with all of the colourwork.

Yarn and pumpkins!

I also got some cute yarn ball stitch markers. I’m going to do a row of the sweater just so I can use them!

After my trip to the yarn store, I hopped on a bus and headed to the mall. I really needed a new travel mug, since mine was getting worn out. I picked one up from my favourite tea store – David’s Tea. They sell the greatest loose leaf teas, and that’s where my old travel mug came from. I invested in a sleek glass traveller… Great for someone who loves tea as much as I do! I also couldn’t resist buying their newest kind of tea, called “Stormy Night”, which includes vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and cinnamon. It sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it!

My haul from David’s Tea!

It was quite the adventure. I’m going home tomorrow, and as usual, my biggest conundrum is what knitting to bring! Will it be the mittens, which require gauge and focus; the socks, which are great mindless knitting; or the big sweater, which hasn’t been getting any love lately?

Only time will tell. Either way, I’ll be going home with tea and yarn… Some of my favourite things.


An Obsession

Clearly, knitting is my obsession. It’s not all I think about, but it definitely occupies a lot of brain space. I think about patterns and I think about yarn. I want to knit all the time. I love to see the progress, and I have a soft spot for self-striping yarns.

All of this is true, and I’m a dedicated sock knitter who loves to see progress quickly. That being said, my heart is sending me in another direction lately.

I want to make something big. An afghan, a blanket, a sweater, a wrap, even a big scarf! Something other than socks. Something that can be knit flat on straight needles (I don’t even know what those are lately).

I don’t know what is making me feel this way. I’ve never had this urge before. I’ve never felt the need to do something so vastly different than what I have done before. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve made my fair share of scarves. I made a baby blanket once too. I have never, ever felt the need to knit a sweater though.

I know I’ll be heading in to town to my local yarn shop towards the end of the week to grab some yarn for my next pattern. It’s going to be a big one, and I can’t help but feel like it’s a sign. It’s going to be my winter project, and it needs to be a big one, because this is going to be a long winter (what winter in Canada isn’t long?). This sweater is also a sign that putting one stitch in front of another is going to get things done.

I don’t know what has gotten into me. I’m stuck between two patterns, and I have half a mind to just go and get the yarn for both. I caught myself dreaming about snow today… Winter fever has definitely set in. We just have to get through a couple of months of cold, drizzly fall first.

Who needs spring fever when they’ve got sweater fever?