With Finality

Today I am the bearer of bad news for all of my readers – I am closing down “thetravellingsock”. It has been a great experience, but the time has come to close the doors on this blog.

I’ve enjoyed my blogging experience thus far, but I haven’t been blogging properly for the last couple of weeks, due to school work. As I finished midterms on Saturday, I realized that I hadn’t missed the blog that much. Though I enjoy reading others’ blogs, I am missing the spark that used to be the driving force behind this one.

I want to thank all of the faithful readers who have been reading since the beginning, and also those that pop by once in a while.

I will be finishing the sweater in due time, but it won’t be for a while yet. Until then, I will remain, your tireless sock knitter.

Thank you so much for the ride; I’ve had lots of fun and I hope you have too!