She will be loved

When you make someone a knitted item, you assume it will be cherished and worn with happiness for years to come.

Not in my house. After spending hours and hours of my time on knitted items for my family, I have discovered that they don’t wear them!

For instance. My mother dresses my little sister (who is disabled) and I have made her countless hat and mittens, as well as some rather consuming legwarmers. In her defense, she wears the mittens. And occasionally a hat. But she is more likely to be seen in public wearing something store bought. I mean really, I made these things, and they look better than the store bought ones! Wear them!

How about that awful beret that my mother said she just had to have. She picked the pattern and the yarn. Guess how many times she’s worn it? Twice. Once. NEVER. I have never seen her wear it. What the heck?!?

My dad has a hat that he wore once, on Christmas Day a few years ago, and that’s only because he opened it that day.

My brother has a great matching hat and mitts set, as well as a scarf, and they are packed away in a closet somewhere.

I give up. Forevermore, this family will recieve no knitted gifts. They are underappreciated.

Except maybe socks. You can’t say no to socks.