We all fall down

Fall! It’s here! Well, it is for a day at least. The temperatures are supposed to go up again tomorrow. Still, a reprieve from the heat of summer is nice, no matter how long it lasts!

The first Hat-Heel Sock is finished! It looks great, but I must say, as a seasoned knitter, I should know how much yarn it takes to cast off. I ran out of yarn with about 10 stitches left, and I had to cut one of my ends and use yarn from that. The weaving in is going to be a nightmare.

The finished Hat-Heel Sock

I’ve been trying to find a way to juggle multiple projects and I think it’s a lot easier during school if I work on one at a time… It is nice to have a sock on the go to counteract the huge-ness that is the sweater-to-be, but still, I have three things on the go at the moment. It’s a little too much. I’m finding that I like to one thing done before I start on the next. Loose ends during school only serve to drive me crazy.

This could mean trouble for the Christmas knitting. I mean, the only way that I got through before was through insane multi-tasking, and having knitting in every room.

I guess we all fall down somewhere… And my downfall is in my inability to be a monogamous knitter.


3 thoughts on “We all fall down

  1. Judging how much yarn to leave is a fairly standard problem I think, no matter how seasoned a knitter you are. It happens! I hope you enjoy the projects you have and don’t let it stress you out! Hobbies are meant to be fun, not stressful. Let the school work stress you out 😉

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