A Wednesday List

Do I ever have some catching up to do! In a list:

1. I came down with the most awful cold yesterday morning, making moving interesting. I’m trying to take it easy today, in hopes that I’ll feel better before classes start tomorrow. I have no voice, so hopefully that returns quickly.

2. I’m all moved into my house at school. Our kitchen is still a mess, and you can’t find anything in the fridge, but my room is finally done!

My room!

3. I had my last ride on Domino on Monday. I’m sure going to miss her… She’s been doing so well, just as I leave!

Isn’t she adorable?

Domino and I on our last ride of the summer!

4. The needle rolls are done! Well, one of them is. My mom finished the one for the DPNs late on Monday night. She’s pretty talented with that sewing machine.

The needle roll for the DPNs


And voila!

5. Classes start tomorrow, so my posting may be a little more sporadic until I get myself into a routine.

6. I’m almost finished one of the Hat-Heel Socks!

The Hat-Heel Sock #1

That’s all the catching up for now… I’ve got to go and organize the kitchen!