WIP me into shape

WIP it, WIP it good. (WIP = Work In Progress, for the uninitiated).

My number of WIPs has now been reduced to three. The scarf is done. Alas, no photos, but that’s what happens when you have to literally run out the door in order to be on time for your second last day of work.

The sweater is now at 10 rows of ribbing. Both pairs of socks remain in the same position they have been in for the past two weeks.

Car trip this weekend to drop stuff off at my school house? Check. Sunday off? Check. Friday afternoon off? Check. Monday off? Check. Drive to/move in on Tuesday? Check.

Sounds like some excellent WIP time. I keep looking at the socks, but I just can’t wrap my head around them at the moment… I’m in sweater mode. I love the long rows, the bulky, smooth yarn…

I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you, and address another topic. Etsy. I’ve been thinking about opening up a shop on there for some time. I’m not totally comfortable with giving them my credit card information, but that’s minor, compared to my other issues. Will people buy my stuff? Will I get overwhelmed by demand? Is my stuff even creative enough to compete?

I’m not really a high production knitter (obviously) and at the moment my knitting fulfills all of my own personal needs. I’m not sure if I could supply enough stuff to create a shop.

I already have about 10 baby hats waiting in the wings to go somewhere. Initially, I had planned on donating them, but I always worry about people actually wanting it, or taking it because it’s there. I want my knitted items to be wanted, loved, and used. That’s the whole reason I make them.

Still though, a shop on Etsy seems like a huge commitment… Thoughts? Does anyone else have an Etsy shop? What’s it like?


3 thoughts on “WIP me into shape

  1. I don’t have an Etsy shop, but I do know that for a lot of people it requires a lot of upkeep. In the ever increasing market there is constant pressure to update, comment and re-update to maintain any presence within the Etsy community (similar to blogging I assume.) In terms of orders and time frames you can list on your store that you will make items on an order basis, adding in how long it takes you (roughly) to complete said item. Or if there a few signature items you want to sell or if there are multiple items you have in “stock” (baby hats) you could list them and just keep replenishing your “stock” as needed. The danger of course is that knitting is no longer seen as fun, but rather a job (taking out the pleasure.) On the other hand it would be a great way to earn extra money and an excuse (if you need one) to try out different patterns and techniques. Either way keep us posted on what you decide. Best of luck for the upcoming long weekend/move-in.

  2. I definitely want to hear more about this Etsy shop if you do go ahead and make one! I was thinking about doing the same thing, but worried I wouldn’t be able to keep it up, thus disappointing someone. Hopefully if you do start the shop, you are successful!

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