Just a nibble

Just a little taste, a nibble if you will, of things to come.

If you’ve been looking at my 101 Things page recently, you will have noticed that I’m now up to 33/101 things completed. Today saw the completion of two things – my G class driver’s licence, and cast on for a sweater.

I know that the knitters among you are far more interested in the sweater, but I should just mention (since someone will ask) that Ontario has the graduated licensing system, meaning that there are 3 different classes of licence. G is the highest, and that’s what I got today.

Oh, the knitting? You want to hear about that? I have no photos today, but I’m sure some will be coming along shortly. The sweater is cast on and I have one round finished. It looks so simple, sitting there on the needles… Until you notice the mismatched stitch markers that I made when I was twelve, and the dollar store row counter and needle tip covers. I informed my mother that she could get me some nice stitch markers from Etsy for Christmas, but she went on a rant about how she had to make due with spare yarn as stitch markers. I think I’m going to have to start sending her photos. Then maybe she will understand.

So I cast on my 87 stitches and did the first row of k1p1 rib. I have to do that for 21 rows, which is nice and monotonous for watching television. The rows are pretty long though, so once it gets a little bigger it won’t be as portable.

Good thing I now have FOUR projects on the needles, so I always have something to take along with me. Something must be finished before I move back to school. I’m sure the scarf will be… It’s extremely addicting to knit. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having at least one of a pair of socks done before I get to school. Hmm…. I’m going to have to start making some choices.

Speaking of moving, the day is fast approaching. I’m taking a bunch of stuff down on September 1st, and then permanently moving in on September 4th. This is my last week of work (thank goodness) and I’ll be done on Friday.

It feels like I have a million things to do before school starts, but I can’t complain. I like to be busy. I’m picturing a couple of days before I move though, lounging at home with the sweater-in-progress. It’s supposed to be rainy too, which is perfect for making a cup of tea and knitting.

That sounds like the perfect thing to do after work.


2 thoughts on “Just a nibble

  1. I miss that back-to-school feeling. Enjoy it while you can! How far from home is your school? I hope you transition smoothly and finish at least one of your projects before you head out!

    • It’s about 2 hours, which isn’t that bad, but it feels like worlds away! Living in the country is so different from living in the city! And I do enjoy it, and will for seven more years… Ahh vet school. Thanks for stopping by!

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