Folks, we have a knit-uation.

What is a knit-uation, you may ask? It’s a situation. Involving knitting. Or lack thereof.

In this case, it’s the latter. It has just occurred to me, after getting up to do chores this morning in 12 degree (Celsius… around 54 Fahrenheit for my American readers) weather, that fall is coming. I’ll be moving back to school in about two weeks. This means that there are four months until Christmas.

Now, perhaps you don’t understand the gravity of the situation. I’ll make a list for you. These are the things that are currently in progress, or need knitting, or haven’t even got yarn purchased for them yet… These are the things that must get done.

  • Fuzzballs for my sister
  • Hat heel socks for a yet unnamed recipient
  • Socks for boyfriend
  • Socks for dad
  • Socks for brother
  • Socks for mom
  • Scarf for best friend
  • Scarf for self
  • Mittens for sister
  • Cast on for sweater for self
  • Sunglasses case for self
  • Rubber boot toppers for self

Those are just the things that MUST get done. There are more. Many more. Things that I have been dreaming about, things that I would like to start but haven’t yet got the time or inclination to purchase the yarn.

Now. I am a slow knitter. Granted, when I move back to school my time to knit will actually increase, but still, by all accounts, I’m a slow knitter. If it takes me a month to finish one pair of socks, that means I can do four pairs of socks by the time Christmas rolls around. That doesn’t even include what’s currently on the needles.

Not to mention I have to get yarn, patterns, needles (and make those needle rolls, damnit).

Folks, we have a knit-uation. I’m going in. I’ll keep you posted. Over and out.


One thought on “Knit-uation

  1. I made a list of the items I need to knit/sew in before the holidays and the November birthdays that come much earlier; I only have the list about halfway done and I’m already scared. Good luck on yours; I see a lot of late nights in my future. Oh, and I totally agree that those odd breaks between classes (that you mention in a later post) will be a great time to knit! Even a few rows at a time will help; slow and steady and all that… 🙂

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