Long, long ago

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, lived a girl who didn’t have anything on her knitting needles for 4 months.

Four whole months was a long time for this girl not to knit anything. She struggled to find something else to do with her hands when she was bored.

Why go four months without doing something she loved, you ask? Because this girl was entering her first year of University. She wasn’t sure what she would have time for, and who she would meet. She wanted to make a good impression, and she didn’t want to cart extra stuff to school that she didn’t really need.

When the girl came home from school for Christmas break, she immediately picked up the needles again. She began knitting socks, and she decided right then and there that she would be bringing her needles and string back to school with her in January.

And she did just that. Her knitting became her study break. She would do a row, then study some more. It also let her relax. She hated to watch television or movies without something to knit in her hands. During second semester, she could relax properly with her knitting.

Then, when she moved home from school for the summer, she was reunited with all of her stash. The girl went crazy! She started knitting things left, right, and centre. She loved it. Then, however, the weather turned hot. She began to turn to the other things she had been deprived of while at school, like reading and riding her horses.

Her knitting began to fall by the wayside. She tried to maintain it a little bit; she had a knitting blog to write, after all. Still though, her productivity decreased markedly.

Suddenly, it dawned on the knitter that Christmas was approaching! They had entered the second half of the year! She was inspired yet again, visiting yarn stores and printing patterns. She was knitting again!

Then, after finishing multiple projects that she had on the go, the knitter bound off her final project and breathed a sigh of relief. She was caught up!

She didn’t knit anything for three days. She thought about patterns. She looked at her stash. She just couldn’t decide what to knit next. All of her yarns looked so enticing, but she couldn’t decide which one was perfect. It would take a little more thinking and a little more watching of the Olympics, then the knitter would be craving the feel of yarn in her hands. She would start something soon… She was sure of it.


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