The Yarn Adventures

Today is a new day, an exciting day, an adventurous day… For today I am going to wash some yarn.

Do you recall me blogging about that yarn I got in the mail from BookCrossing? Well. I’ve decided to wash it and knit it up (I’m weird about washing things).

So this morning I started by winding it into big loose loops, but it turns out that the ball of yarn isn’t attached… It’s actually been cut into 4 different sized pieces. Good thing I’m decent at weaving in ends and joining yarn!

Then I have to wash it. I haven’t done this yet, and I don’t exactly know how. I think it’s going to end up as a tangle.

Next step is laying it on the patio to dry. This might have to wait until tomorrow as they are calling for thunderstorms later this afternoon.

Then, finally, I can make it into a hat! I’m excited for you to see the colours!


2 thoughts on “The Yarn Adventures

  1. Depending on how you plan on washing it, could you wind it into a large hank, which should help keep it from tangling up? Once you are done with the bath you could unwind it and hang to dry. Best of luck!

    • I’m not a skilled yarn-winder either… I’ve tried putting it into some type of hanks, but I think I might ask my mother to help me with the winding, she’s a lot more experienced than I am! Thanks for the advice!

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