The Blogging State of Mind

thetravellingsock has been up and running since May, as many of you dedicated readers know. In that time, I’ve discovered how to put in pictures and links, and I’ve garnered around 230 views. This is my first blog, and the learning curve has been huge. I’ve been inspired to take more photographs, and put myself out there: share my goals and opinions, and comment on others’ blogs.

It’s been tough so far, I can’t lie. Every time I sit down to write a post, I try to put my best writing out into the world. I chose one of the most difficult times to start a knitting blog too: the beginning of summer, when knitting is low on the priority list.

Still, blogging almost daily has changed the way I think about things. When I wake up in the morning, I think: “What am I going to blog about today? What has happened in the past 24 hours that can become a richly told story, complete with photos?” Sometimes, the answer is nothing. Today, the answer was nothing. No knitting progress, nothing exciting at all.

It’s taken this long for me to realize that people don’t visit my blog just to see exactly what I’ve been doing that day. My readers don’t want a play by play of my life. They want insight, opinion, and interesting topics. They don’t need to see a new sock every day. They want something that will make them laugh, cry, or think a little harder.

I think some of my posts have done that, particularly the ones with more views. Some of my posts have been witty and humourous, and I hope others have been thought provoking. Though this is primarily a blog about knitting, its also a blog about me, my life, and my opinions.

I’ve try to remain mostly anonymous until now, not revealing my name or posting photos of others. I do post pictures of myself from time to time, but I would be shocked if a reader actually knew me personally.

Though I’ve been blogging a lot lately, I’m not sure if my posts are exactly what I was going for when I started this blog. I wanted to be witty and informative, with knitting and humour and the last bit of my opinionated disposition that comes from being a teenager. I haven’t figured out if this blog has done what I wanted it to. I don’t know if I’ve been able to give you readers something that makes you want to come back again and again.

I’m going to keep working on it. I’ll be posting, and editing more before I post. I’ll be looking at experiences in a new way. I’ll be challenging the way I think and the way I write.

Thanks for coming so far on this journey with me; I’m not sure where I’m headed, but so far, I’m enjoying the ride.



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