The Daily Grind

Back to the daily grind after a weekend of horse showing! It was a crazy good weekend, but very long, tiring and busy. My horse wasn’t as good as I had hoped she would be on Day 1 for the Showjumping… She refused many of the jumps. They were a lot bigger than we had jumped before though, so she did well under the circumstances.

On Day 2 we had dressage, and she was much better behaved! We received an 8th in our first test and a 7th in our second; I was very proud of her. We were competing against some very good horses, so I was happy with her results!

The rest of the team did very well. We had many first, second, third, and fourth place ribbons, as well as two reserve champions! I was so proud of them all. The best part – watching our youngest member, a seven year old, on the her tiny little pony, do her dressage test. They looked so cute trotting around together, and the whole team was there to watch. They received a first, second, and third on each of their tests too!

The weekend in pictures:

Domino’s home for the weekend

Here we go, into the show jumping ring

Over the scary green and purple jump!

Domino taking a look at the scary yellow fence

This is what a refusal looks like… We had a bunch of those

Day 2 – Dressage

7th & 8th in Dressage, and Turnout Champion! Glad we know how to look pretty!


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