Got Green?

I sure do! Got green, that is.

I am successful. After scouring yarn stores and online catalogues, I have finally found green sock yarn. It was a tough haul; I’ve been looking for a month. I visited one yarn store on Thursday, but to no avail. They had a “camouflage” colour/pattern, which was more brown than green. That was all. I left that yarn store empty handed, as I mentioned in Thursday’s post.

The online stores had gorgeous yarns. I loved them all… Until I saw the price tag. I’m a student so I’m on a budget. It’s tough but that’s the way it is. One day, I’ll be able to afford whatever yarn I want.

So yesterday I visited the other yarn store in my area. This one has excellent owners; they have a huge variety of yarn and they said that they can order in anything that I want. I searched the shelves and I found two different balls of green sock yarn! I was ecstatic and shocked at the same time; even online the selection is scarce. I grabbed both and checked the price tag as well as the washing instructions. I first one was all right – machine washable and only around $9 per ball. The other? Hand wash only, $20 per ball. Ouch! I put that one down right away.

Why machine washable? These socks are gifts, and those who remain uninitiated in the knitting arts have a tendency to assume that knitted items can be washed the same way as normal clothing. Felting, here I come. I also tend to use synthetic yarns. I know, I know, I hear your gasps of horror. Seriously though, they make some pretty good acrylic yarns nowadays. It’s also much cheaper than the “real” yarn. Maybe one day I’ll splurge on something nice to make a sweater. Or a wrap. Who knows.

No pictures today, but how about a big post involving photos tomorrow? I’m going to be having a relaxing knitting evening tonight (I went out to the beer tents last night down by the beach… I’m tired) so the Zoomobiles will see some progress, and I have new yarn to photograph! I’ve already got one pattern picked out… My knitting mojo is back!



2 thoughts on “Got Green?

    • I have considered that, but I don’t know the first think about spinning! I am also really picky about the yarn; it has to be machine washable, etc, and if you buy the wool straight from the sheep it’s just straight wool…. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to spin!

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