I went through the stash last night, and I’m stumped. I don’t know what to knit next; nothing is really screaming “Knit me! You know you want to!”

This is just plain weird. I want to run to the yarn store and get something exciting, but then I look at the stash and think “I already have way too much yarn”.

Here it is, in all of it’s wooly glory. The Stash.

Now, I know most of you are looking at this photo, thinking “Wow. That’s such a small stash”, and I would agree with you. I have inherited most of this yarn too, so some of it is really old (look at the labels in the bottom bin!). Yes, I would like the stash to grow, but that being said, I also have this really annoying tendancy to want to clear everything out! I hate keeping things around longer than necessary, and I really like to use up what I have before getting more.

And I was planning a trip to the yarn store. I’ve just talked myself out of it. Darn.

So here we have some options. Nothing is really striking my fancy at the moment, but I’m sure once I’m a bit further on the Zoomobile socks something will grab my attention.

Option 1: Patons Kroy Sock yarn; Christmas knitting for my mother

This is Option 1. It’s the most likely option, since I just purchased the yarn in May and I don’t want it to get buried in the stash. That, and I have an awesome pattern that I want to try out: Hat Heel Socks. My mom really likes stripy/patterned yarn, but she doesn’t like to waste said yarn on complicated patterns. This one is unique enough not to be boring, and it will still showcase the pattern of the yarn, though it a different way. I’m really excited about this pattern, but also sort of dreading it. You see, I started it over a year ago with a worsted weight yarn, and promptly ripped it out since the fabric was way too stiff. But I remember starting the heel… It was so difficult. Youtube videos, here I come.

Option 2: Patons Carmen; Christmas socks for my sister

Here’s option 2. I blogged about this yarn before, though I didn’t read the ball band then because I wrote that I didn’t know what it was. Clearly, it’s Patons Carmen. Anyway, I was going to make tube socks for my little sister with this. I’m not sure what it’s going to knit up like, but she doesn’t walk much so it will definitely work for socks for her. These are going to be really simple, so I’ll probably make up the pattern myself and get to it when I’m done with the Zoomobiles. Definitely some zone-out-watch-a-movie-or-have-a-deep-talk knitting. 

Option 3:  A whole bunch of leftovers for some chunky socks. I have the pattern picked out and printed off from Ravelry (so prepared!) but I don’t really want to knit myself another pair of socks at the moment; I’m feeling guilty about not knitting for others. 

Option 4: More leftover yarn. My mom would wear crazy socks like these, but some of the yarn isn’t the same gauge, so I would have to double it up… As you can see, I don’t really feel like going to the trouble of figuring it out right now. 

There you have it. After some struggles with the computer, I’ve given you some options. Guess you’re going to have to wait to see what I pick, but it probably won’t be for another week. The Zoomobile socks are still my main focus, and they knit up quickly. I have yet to be bored by their stripes, but I bet once I get to the heel I’ll be yearning for something else. Heel flaps bore me, but I find the gussets strangely satisfying. Probably because the sock is finally getting some shape. That’s all for now folks. Look for some Zoomobile progress tomorrow, as well as some fabric selections for needle rolls (I didn’t get that far last night… I was in bed by 10:15 pm!).


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