Sock it to me!

Wow, so much progress in so little time! I’m loving this quick knitting. Unfortunately, no photos today since I was a little late running out the door, but the first sock is completely finished, and the second has half of the cuff done.

Surprisingly, they aren’t going to match. Who would have guessed that, coming from me? Rhetorical question – you guys should know by now that nothing I make every matches. The second sock started out on a different bit of striping than the first, but that’s alright by me. I secretly like how nothing ever matches.

So we’ll see what these ones do… I always like watching how the stripes come together around the heel flap.

With the second sock well underway, I guess this means I’ll be starting a new project soon. It’s a weird feeling, to be able to start something new without the pressure of finishing my current project. I’ll be looking in the stash bin tonight, and I’ll post photos tomorrow. I think I’ll be starting some Christmas knitting, probably chunky socks for my sister or some for my mom. I also need a tea cozy, of all things, for my house in September. I have an inordinate amount of tea, but I’m planning on purchasing a tea pot for my house and I need a cozy!

I’m also going to scavenge my mom’s fabric collection tonight for something to make needle rolls with. I can’t efficiently bring all of my knitting to school in the fall with needles flying around everywhere, totally disorganized.

Tonight is going to be a productive night!



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