The heat wave has broken! I can function again!

Last night, I relaxed in the air conditioned section of my house and knitted on the Zoomobile socks while watching the Calgary Stampede. They’ve been put away for so long that I forgot why I fell in love with them in the first place.

There’s a family wedding this afternoon that involves lots of driving, so more progress will be made! I’m predicting that the first sock will be finished by the end of the weekend.

In other news, I have some photos from yesterday.

We’ve been riding all over the place. Speed is our new thing.

The corn is getting so tall!

Speedy speedy!

What a good girl!

I realize that you guys aren’t reading this to see pictures of horses, but bear with me. Both of my parents like to photograph me riding, and I like to show off my girl to the world. And this is what I’ve been doing instead of knitting.

Soon though, too soon, I’ll be moving back to school and away from my girl. Winter is coming, which means more knitting.

Speaking of, excuse me while I go look up patterns for Christmas knitting…


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