Okay, I admit it. I’m struggling to finish anything these days.

Knitting just doesn’t seem to be on my radar as important. I mean, it’s summer time. I sit outside and read books, and spend very little time in front of the television (which is where I do the bulk of my knitting).

I promised myself not to post until I had some photos of the finished Sampler Texture Socks to finish. And yet, here I am, lacking finished socks.

I’ve lost my mojo! I need some more instant gratification projects… Baby hats, here I come.

But, I did manage to get the gussets done on those Sampler Texture Socks. Instead of picking up 11 stitches per side, as I did on the first sock, I managed to pick up 17. Obviously, the gusset decreases took way longer, but I like that the joins are more “solid”. You know what I mean?

Typical me. Changing patterns.

I’m off to find some inspiration. And maybe make another blog. About horses this time.


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