The best laid plans

I am a planner. Hardcore. All the time.

I am not a doer. I have never been a doer, and there are very few times when I actually carry out my elaborate plans.

(I sound like an evil genius. I promise that all of my plans are made with the best intentions)

Plan 1: Knit 4×4 squares of all of the random yarn scraps I have and sew them all into a blanket. Result: Knit 36 squares, including weaving in ends. Sew 24 of them together. Decide it looks awful and squares are boring. Rip back all of it. Left with a bunch of tiny balls of yarn.

Plan 2: Stop spending money, particularly on things I don’t need or already have. Result: Go to the yarn store and buy 5 balls of yarn (including one ball that was $12), hunt yarn store websites & decide that an order over $50 is reasonable because it means I get free shipping.

Plan 3: Knit up the entire stash so there is nothing left. Result: I’ve done pretty well on this one. I didn’t buy yarn for a year. But I did buy yarn recently, and I immediately discarded all of my other planned projects as boring, and started knitting the new stuff.

Plan 4: Organize all of the knitting needles in my house. Result: Go through all of them, see if I have pairs (or sets of DPNs), then throw them all back into the same box. Basically just a waste of an hour, since they ended up exactly where they started, and I wasn’t the wiser. Needle rolls? Still unmade. Haven’t even looked for a pattern.

Plan 5: Organize all of my stash yarn into project bags, with the proper needles and pattern in there (which means doing gauge for all of them in advance), and take out ONE project as I need it. Result: Yarn with colours that go well together (usually my leftover bits of skeins and such) in ziplocs. Discover that all patterns need the same needles, which I only have one set of. Patterns remain un-printed. Also, have 2 projects on the go plus the weaving in on one other one.

Plan 6: Separate bag for separate project. Easy for travelling, just grab it and go. Result: One bag, with random yarn, needles, & pattern books shoved on top. Can’t locate plethora of knitting bags. Most current project on top. Or, current projects strew all over coffee tables, much to the chagrin of my mother.

This time will be different though. This time I have a plan. After I finish the current SIPs (both Sampler Texture Socks & Zoomobile Socks), I will go deep into the stash and see if I can locate some yarn for Christmas presents. This year, the budget is going to be tight, with my horse hopefully moving to school with me. I want to get a head start on the Christmas knitting this year, although I’m kind of looking forward to the end of the year rush, with 5 projects on the needles. I didn’t do Christmas knitting last year and boy did I miss it. Therefore…

Plan 7: Knit from the stash for Christmas starting now, thereby saving money and getting a head start. Result: We will see….


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