Let’s go to the zoo!

1. Knitting progress: Sampler Texture Socks: only one more section of that stupid chart to go before I’m onto the #%$@&^$ Eye of Partridge heel flap. I really think it’s going to work out this time. I really do. Think positive.

2. Last night, the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup. For those of you who aren’t Canadian, you won’t understand the fascination with watching a team that I don’t normally cheer for… It’s a Canadian thing. We watch a lot of hockey. That’s just how it goes. So, with hockey season officially over, I’m going to have to start renting movies. I mean, I watch hockey, and I knit. That’s how it is, from September until June. 

3. Horses: I got a new coach (as I mentioned a little while ago) and she’s fabulous. But she says no more showing for this year, at least not at the level I had planned on. This sucks. For anyone who plays sports, this is like practising and practising and never getting to play the game. I mean, I get why. My horse isn’t far enough along in her training to show successfully at that level. But still. 

4. Zoo pictures! (I have to stop making lists… each number is a paragraph).


Peacock… all fluffed up!

Grizzly bear

Giraffe… I loved them

Hippos… The boyfriend’s favourite!

This warthog was all tuckered out.

The new polar bear cub, born in January.

This is the mother polar bear, angry to have been separated from her cub.

Penguins, enjoying the water on a hot day.

Zebra… My favourite!

This is us touching sting rays. They loved to be petted. We also got to touch some sharks!

All in all, an excellent trip to the Toronto Zoo. If you haven’t been… Get there. Giant Pandas are coming in 2013. I think I may have to go back to see them.


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