Yarn Shortage

This weekend was gorgeous here in Ontario! It was pretty rainy when I woke up on Saturday, but by the time I got to Toronto it had stopped.

Oh, didn’t I mention? I went away for the weekend with my boyfriend. We had a wonderful time; on Saturday, visiting the Ontario Science Centre, and on Sunday, visiting the Toronto Zoo.

I managed to get some work done on the stripy socks during some of our driving time, and while relaxing at the hotel on Saturday evening. I still need a name for those little things… I think they should be called Zoomobile. They have zebra striped sections and everything!

I’m now finished the gussets and I’m onto the foot!

But you know that feeling? The feeling when you look down at your project and think “I’m not going to have enough yarn”? Yes, that feeling. I just push it aside and keep knitting. I’m starting to be concerned about the Zoomobiles… I mean, its going to be close. On the other SIPs, however, I have resigned myself. The ball of yarn is dwindling, and I’m not even on the heel flap yet. That’s what I get for using leftover yarn with unknown yardage.

Never fear though! I have a solution… I have MORE leftover yarn (shocking, I know), and its pink… Which is going to have to match well enough. After all, I never make two socks (or anything really) the same.

I must say… There are a lot of factors here convincing me that maybe I shouldn’t knit a sweater. I mean, I can’t even do a small heel flap with some ridiculous Eye of Partridge pattern (I’m still bitter about that. I mean really. Who names it something like that, then doesn’t give clear instructions as to what it is supposed to look like?). I also can’t make anything the same… And I’m pretty sure you need to make two sleeves the same. I’m also on a University students’ budget, so its pretty hard to justify buying 57813057890 balls of yarn just to make one simple garment.

Humph. I’m going to add some zoo photos tomorrow, as well as some of the Zoomobiles (and maybe the Sampler Texture socks too, depending on how far I get on them tonight).



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