This morning I woke up extra early to ride Domino. We were working by 6:30, jumping and everything. She did very well today, and I was giving her a walk break when I saw commotion at the bird’s nest near my sand ring. We had some killdeers lay their eggs right beside my sand ring, amongst the gravel. After weeks of carefully avoiding the nest and being attacked by the mother bird, the eggs have finally hatched! I stopped Domino and watched as three chicks popped out from beneath Momma Bird. I went to the nest to check on the last egg when the babies were off running around… The fourth egg hatched, but I believe the baby died. None-the-less, the mother maintains her position, sitting on the baby, and squawking loudly when anyone gets too close.

What is this blog supposed to be about? Oh right. Knitting. About that…

Actually, I do have a few more photos for you today. I was cleaning out my grandmother’s sewing supplies and I found some cool stuff. First, a basket to hold all of my knitting that just needs the ends weaving in. It’s from Jamaica; very cool.

And inside the basket, a needle and a pair of her old sewing scissors (as well as a pair of socks for my sister… I used leftover yarn, there are so many ends to weave in!)

I also found something else that is rather curious…

This thing is tiny, about the size of a coin (but obviously much thicker). Guess what it is!

That’s right folks, its a tape measure! Cool, isn’t it?

Now, speaking earlier of babies… Did you know that you can never have enough baby hats? I knit them constantly out of my leftover bits of yarn, and donate them to my local women’s shelter! Its a great way to give back to your community and use up extra yarn in the process. Here they are, I have already donated lots, and there are always more on the needles…

As you can see, I have a wide variety. Some of my more creative ones have already left my possession, so this is just a taste.

I’m interested to know… What do you do with your leftover yarn?


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