Check your list

Since I can’t seem to gather my thoughts enough to make one cohesive post, here is a list.

1. I had 14 people look at the blog today. That’s a lot. My own personal record before that was 6 views in one day. So thank you, dear readers, and keep reading!

2. The weather, which was beautiful for the past few weeks, has suddenly turned cold. While this is very conducive to knitting, it is also conducive to sleeping. I’m a teenager, so getting out of bed is hard sometimes all the time. Even if I have something I really want to do, like squeeze in some knitting time before work.

3. Have too many SIPs on the needles… must finish at least one sock.

4. Is it possible to get Second Sock Syndrome while you are still working on the first sock? I think I should call it After Heel-itis. It happens all the time; I turn the heel, make the gussets, and boom. I’m bored. Sampler Texture Socks, that means you. Its even an interesting stitch pattern and I’m bored out of my tree.

5. I knitted so much last night that my boyfriend even commented on how much longer the other socks were getting. I’m almost at the heel flap on those ones.

6. “Those Ones” still don’t have a proper name.

7. I have a horse show this weekend. Its supposed to be rainy and cold. I think the knitting had better come along for the ride this time.

8. A picture! Or two, of the intrepid stripy socks! I’ve never used a true self-striping yarn before (though I have used many variegated and self patterning ones), and boy is it ever addicting. 

Look how big it is! The sock, not the picture silly. I need to use a real camera sometime, instead of my phone.

Here it is again, looking out the (very dirty) window:

I love it. At first I didn’t think that the orange beside that pinky colour would look too good, but it does. I’m normally not to partial to orange either, but I do like it this time.

9. Thing the last: “Smile, you’re a loved and valued person” (I don’t know who said that, but I love it)


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