Last night, after a day out in the sun, my family settled down to watch some hockey (its the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and we’re Canadian…). My boyfriend joined us for this fun family activity, and you must understand that I usually knit while watching television, but not while he is around.

Since I told him that I am a knitter, I have gradually been getting him used to the idea. First, I left knitting books around my house (not difficult… the local library has a very good selection). Next, I left actual knitting around the house. I started wearing (and telling him I was wearing) socks that I have knitted myself. My socks are usually pretty colourful so they aren’t that hard to notice.

Last night, we saw real progress. As I sat down on the couch beside him, I proceeded to knit for over an hour on the current SIPs. At one point, he actually told me to “go really slow” so he could figure out what I was doing.

Get this. He actually took an interest in the knitting. He didn’t freak out and run the other way because I was knitting a sock. He doesn’t think that only old people do it. He (shocker) likes that I knit. I don’t know how this is humanly possible (maybe because I promised him some socks).

Folks, I would have to call this progress. As a result, I also made progress on the SIPs, which I have decided need a new name. “Sampler Texture Socks” just isn’t doing it for me. Any ideas?

Here’s some progress for you. Seed stitch section is done!

(Yes, that is my cat Jinx modelling the SIP… yes it is bigger than her head)


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