Have Sock, Will Travel

This whole blogging idea came about when I noticed that I have a crazy love of knitting socks. I love looking at patterns, getting the yarn… Sock knitters out there hear me! My friends/family/acquaintances, on the other hand, do not. They don’t care about what I am currently knitting/wish I was knitting/will be knitting. So, a blog.

I’ve never done this before… But I’m sure I will figure it out. Hopefully will also figure out how to put in pictures, since knitting blogs are no fun without pictures.

But hey, since this is the first post, I’ll make a list of things you should know.

1. I make lots of lists.

2. I live in Canada, where knitting should be taught in school. Its basically a survival skill.

3. I’m in University. Knitting is my break.

4. I have two horses, who I love very much, so I’m sure that I will introduce them to you readers shortly.

5. I’m going to school to become a vet. It should not surprise you to see my dog or my cat (who is a yarn-wrecker) feature in pictures of my knitting.

6. I have been knitting since I was 8, and in those 11 years since, I have never knit a sweater.

Throughout the course of writing this blog, I hope to tackle a sweater project. The very idea of seams frightens me… And don’t even get me started on blocking.

For someone who has been knitting for so long, I lack experience. Hopefully you will enjoy hearing about my successes and failures as I try to make myself a better (read: more varied) knitter.

Until then, repeat after me: I will not knit the same sock pattern 14 times, I will not knit the same sock pattern 14 times, I will not knit the same sock pattern 14 times…


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